Beckett and Castle have been engaged for all of this season of CASTLE, and the show may be leading up to a spring wedding for the duo. But will their nuptials go off as planned?

While CASTLE boss Andrew Marlowe wouldn’t spill all the details (naturally), we talked about the decision to show so many of the wedding’s details before the big day, as well as upcoming cases, and more…

We’ve seen Castle and Beckett talking a lot about the wedding this season, and so far, CASTLE has unveiled a lot of the big things shows often don’t reveal until the big day — we’ve seen the dress, we know their song, Beckett’s letter to Castle when she was held in captivity could have almost passed for wedding vows. Because we’ve seen this much, should viewers maybe be suspicious that there will be a last minute switch to a nontraditional wedding? Or are you planning on throwing the wedding they’ve been speaking about if/when the day happens?

Andrew Marlowe: I think that what the two of them want from their wedding is going to play out for the audience. I think we’re going to play fair with them, and show Castle and Beckett try and have the wedding they want.

What I’ll say is we’re trying to present a couple who are in the process of planning a wedding, and things get talked about, and things come up as you get close to the date. We think it would be unfair not to talk about it, not to show it, because it is very much a part of their lives.

In terms of how everything is going to play out and what we’re going to do, and if the road is going to go smoothly or if it’s going to be rocky, or if there are going to be surprises along the way, whether the day changes, whether the day stays the same, whether it happens or not, that’s all stuff we want the audience to tune in to see. Things certainly can happen along the way, but that doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be off. It doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be on. It’s just a natural part [of the process.]

Plans can always change.

AM: Or they can stay the same. I’ve been to weddings that have been lovely; I’ve been to weddings that have been disastrous; I’ve been to weddings that have gone off without a hitch; I’ve been to weddings that didn’t happen on the day [of the planned event.] There are plenty of opportunities out there, and I’ve love for the audience to watch.

And there will be more conversations [about the wedding] as they get closer to the date.

Nice. What can you tease about the cases that are coming up?

AM: We have a really fun episode where we get to see a little more of Captain Gates. The victim it turns out is a confidential informant for the U.S. Attorney’s office. And we discover that the U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York is actually Gates’ sister, and Gates has never mentioned this, and why hasn’t she mentioned it? And what is the relationship between these two very strong, very powerful women. It’s really fun for us to be able to showcase Penny Jerald Johnson (Gates), and we had yet to bite at this character who we’ve been seeing for a couple of years. We get a significant bite at her backstory and who she is.

And after that, we have a really, really fun episode that takes us into the world of the 1970s, into the middle of the disco era. It’s a different device than “Blue Butterfly,” that allows us to see our characters in that era. So that’s going to be fun.

And as I intimated, we’ll get another bite at the larger mythology story before we end the season.

Will 3XK come back into play before the end of the season?

AM: I thought 3XK was dead! Maybe his girlfriend’s alive.

Will the show be revisiting the storyline before the season concludes?

AM: I will neither confirm nor deny.

Interesting. Will we be seeing any of Ryan’s home life, or seeing his newborn daughter anytime soon?

AM: It’s not in the next couple of episodes. Going home with somebody just to see their home life if we’re not filtering it through a case or through the Castle/Beckett experience is always a challenge for us, because those scenes, as fun as they are, don’t move the story forward.

What does having Alexis back at home do for you guys are storytellers? Are you finding it easier to bring her into stories that way?

AM: It is when we need her as we go through this last stretch. It’s a lot of concentration on Castle and Beckett, and the wedding, so I think it’s at a time in the series where, yeah, we had a great bite at her in the beginning, and we’ll for sure see her at the end, but having her around  allows us to weave her into the stories more, and it also means that to bring her into the stories, we can have her there without having to create great excuses for her to show up.

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Warning: Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) are on the outs on ABC’s Castle, but things won’t stay sour for long for this beloved father-daughter duo, according to executive producer and creator Andrew Marlowe.

In fact, Monday’s episode will delve deep into the issues they’re facing in light of his engagement and tackle head-on how his upcoming union with Beckett will affect their small family unit.

Marlowe teases that and SO much more (like a baby…) in the following Q&A.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk first about Castle and Alexis. They’re not in a good place right now.
ANDREW MARLOWE: What we want to do is present an honest relationship between them. She’s growing up; she’s looking for freedom. The way she’s going about it, she thinks she’s being mature. From Castle’s point of view, it isn’t necessarily the best decision. So it was kind of like everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong. These two are facing challenges, and, to me, these challenges are deeply rooted in the Castle/Beckett relationship. It’s no mistake that she showed up with [Pi, guest star Myko Olivier] right after Castle and Beckett got engaged. What’s nice is that this week’s episode is our first good, big step towards healing the Castle/Alexis relationship. Of course, Beckett, in terms of being engaged to Castle, has to struggle with how she fits into the family. I think she knows where she fits in with Castle, but where does she fit in with Alexis? Where does she fit in with these two people who have spent so much time together and have been such a unit? So it gives us really good territory to explore.

Do Alexis and Beckett (Stana Katic) have a chat in the episode?
I think Alexis is struggling with it. I think both girls are polite, so I don’t think fans should expect a yelling match. We don’t like to go soap here — “You stole my father!” “You’re being immature!” I think we present a more sophisticated version that’s, hopefully, just as satisfying and moving.

Has the Pi hate surprised you?
No, because he’s the character we’re supposed to love to hate. And I think from Alexis’ point of view, the audience can understand why she’s attracted to him. And anybody who is a father can understand why Castle does not have necessarily happy feelings towards Pi. But I think it’s complicated. I think there’s a group of fans who just want us to deal with the engagement and don’t want any distractions and don’t understand why we’re spending time with Alexis. But we have plenty of time to deal with the significant engagement and the pressures on our characters as we move into the spring. But sometimes when you make choices in life there are unintended consequences, and I don’t think Castle necessarily saw the unintended consequence of his engagement to Beckett [and didn't anticipate] it causing a bit of a backlash with his daughter as they’re both trying to find their new roles in the universe and in each other’s lives.

I don’t get the hate for the storyline, but I will say if my sister came home with Pi, it would really be my nightmare come true.
It’s kind of every father’s nightmare. And by the way, Pi is probably a really nice guy. But, you know, as somebody who has children who has come home with people, you try to be generous. They’re probably great, but it’s not what you imagine and, by the way, it gets in the way of your relationship with that person because they’re growing up and they’re changing. And Castle is growing up a little bit too and things are changing with him. So not to present those stresses feels dishonest. And we’re at the point where Castle and Beckett are settling into their engagement and the big questions about the date and the guest list and all of that sort of stuff that we hope to play around with in spring. Because those aren’t looming over their heads right at this moment, we felt like we had an opportunity to present something that was interesting that was going to challenge a couple of our characters and make them grow. And also, by the way, make Beckett grow because she’s not just marrying a guy. She’s marrying into a family.

They were spending a lot of time at each other’s places last season and this season. When are we going to see them actually move in together? And address those formalities?
More and more as we go along. And in the episode “Murder Is Forever” [airing Nov. 11], where we have a relationship therapist who’s murdered, there’s a [part of the episode] that confronts exactly that — what is the dance that you do when you start cohabitating with someone, when you start taking those first steps, when you’re sleeping over often and suddenly a place that has always been somebody’s personal space becomes a shared space? What negotiations do you have to do? So [in the episode] Beckett starts to not-so-subtly express her desire for some changes. And of course, Castle feels a little bit invaded, like when you date a guy in your 20s and you start dating this girl and she starts spending some time over and maybe she doesn’t like your Star Wars posters or maybe she wants to put candles in the bathroom. What does that look like and what does that look like to Castle and Beckett? So we have fun with that.

What else is coming up?
We go to some darker territory in November with, it seems, a serial killer who arises who seems to have a fixation on the Lanie character and maybe Esposito. [The killer] knows about their relationship. It’s an episode that has a number of surprising twists and challenges everybody at the 12th Precinct in a significant way. Then at the end of November, we have a really great fun, funny episode that starts in a very dramatic way. We have a victim who arrives at a church on a snowy day holding a bundle, and he’s been shot. As he struggles up the aisle, just before he collapses dead, he hands the priest a bundle that turns out to be a little baby boy. It’s not this guy’s baby; we don’t know whose baby it is. So Castle and Beckett end up being accidental nannies to this baby, and, of course having the baby in the precinct triggers all of Ryan’s (Seamus Dever) fears because he has one on the way. And we get to see Castle and Beckett playing house and taking a big step forward in their relationship.

This is a little different from a dog.
Yeah, this is no dog. It’s completely different. And through the course of the series so far, they haven’t talked about whether they want more kids. Does Castle want more kids? Does Beckett want kids? We kind of brought it up in the time-travel episode about their future, so we touched it there. And we get to have a real good bite of that [again] and find out how folks feel.

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Before CASTLE’s sixth season kicked off, series creator Andrew Marlowe acknowledged the show would “absolutely have to deal with” the realities of how people outside of Castle and Beckett’s immediate world view their relationship. (The price of dating a famous author, I suppose.) And based on what he told me about the episode they’re just starting to film, it seems like that moment might be around the corner.

“We have some fun coming up [in] episode 11,” Marlowe teased. “It puts Castle and Beckett in a world in which the spotlight is very bright. And [we examine] what it does to people. And I think it makes Beckett reflect on what it means to be with a guy who is in the public eye. So that’s really fun.”

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Castle returned this fall with a truly stellar sixth season, continuing to improve each episode with no sign of slowing down. The hit series creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe took some time out of his hectic schedule to chat with us here at TV Guide Canada about the show’s success.

In speaking with the creative genius, his knowledge and wisdom as a seasoned professional were striking, as was his continued excitement and passion for the show. His belief in this story and these characters is highlighted by his dedication to giving the audience something it can invest and believe in just as strongly, so it’s no wonder he has achieved exactly that.

Marlowe has found great success with Castle, but did this master of foreshadowing have any idea that the show would become a hit series? “You imagine it but it’s always a fantasy because the odds are never in your favour,” he says. While Castle certainly beat the odds, its creator remains humbled by it. “We’re grateful that we did and we’re really grateful that we found an audience.”

When asked about the key to the success, Marlowe is quick to credit his talented, Canadian leads. “I think a lot of it starts with Nathan (Fillion) and Stana (Katic). We got really lucky that we cast these two and that they have that on-screen chemistry people could invest in.” He also applauds the work of the entire Castle team, adding “I think what we’ve managed to do is present characters that people can invest in and I think we’ve been very lucky to find whatever that formula is for the magic that has allowed the audience to show up for us.”

Castle has cemented its place in the television landscape as having one of the most epic love stories in recent history. It broke the mold of “will they/won’t they” storytelling by proving that a show could sway one way without losing any of its magic. “For us, it was honouring the reality of the relationship and we felt like we couldn’t keep them apart any longer and still be honest. So for us, the greater risk would have been not getting them together.” He added, “I’m a firm believer that life can be just as interesting on the other side of committing to a relationship and that challenges, problems, fun, sparkle, none of that goes away if you’re dealing with the right people. And we felt like we were.”

Challenging the characters and progressing the story through overcoming those obstacles is something the Castle team has always been stellar at, and the opening story arc to the current season was no exception. “It presented us with an interesting and a very real dilemma, where [Beckett] had Castle’s proposal on the table and the job offer on the table. In our modern times people are trying to figure out how to negotiate having it all, how to negotiate their relationships while having careers and the stress and strains that puts on them. We felt like that was interesting territory.” He added that there was never an intention to take the show away from New York for too long. “What we wanted to do was spend some time [in D.C.] and spend some time there in a way that still felt like a Castle episode. We love our series regulars, we love what we do week to week, so we were looking for the opportunity to challenge the characters with it instead of changing the DNA of the show.”

While that opening story arc has wrapped, the ripple effect from it is far from over, especially in terms of how Alexis has responded to it. “It’s no accident that as Castle gets engaged that Alexis shows up from Costa Rica with a boy in tow. She’s looking at where her dad is in the universe and she’s making decisions. I think that she’ll come to recognize some of those decisions are in reaction of what she’s doing and trying to define her place in the universe.”

Speaking of the supporting characters, Marlowe revealed that a number of them would find themselves in the spotlight this season. “We know our bread and butter is the Castle/Beckett relationship and we always want to present some aspect of that, but we do have some episodes coming up that focus on our supporting cast that gives them opportunities to shine.” He added. “There’s some stuff that we’re doing with the Lanie character coming up this fall and some stuff between Lanie and Esposito, and then Ryan and Jenny exploring his impending fatherhood and how does that affect him, especially in the job that he does where’s he’s out there on the front lines every day.”

With this sixth season already shaping up to be the most captivating one yet, we asked the man at the helm what fans could expect before the Christmas hiatus. Marlowe revealed the inside scoop, beginning with Sunday’s upcoming instalment. “It’s an episode that’s inspired by or a nod to movies like The DaVinci Code and National Treasure where we discover that there may be a conspiracy involving hidden symbols around New York City.”

He painted a stunning picture of what fans could expect from the following episode as well: “Alexis has been involved on an innocence project type case, a death row case. Things have not gone well and it’s the 11th hour and she asks her dad to come in and help her with this at a point where their relationship is a little bit strained. It gives them the opportunity to get together and it really gives Molly Quinn an opportunity to shine in the episode. It’s an episode that really centers on her character and her relationship with Castle, and it raises some questions for Beckett in terms of how she fits into this family that’s she about to become a part of.”

Marlowe stayed mum about the season’s eighth episode, laughing as he was unable to tease it without revealing too much. “Let the audience be surprised by that one.” He did, however, reveal the scoop on the final two episodes before the Christmas hiatus. “Episode 9 is a bit of a darker case where we have the specter of a serial killer hanging over the episode. That one especially touches the Lanie and Esposito characters.” And what of the highly anticipated midseason finale written by Andrew’s uber-talented wife, Terri Miller? “It’s an interesting, fun episode in that we find a victim at the crime scene and when he was killed he had a baby with him and we’re trying to figure out whose baby it is.” He added. “There’s some fun to be had in the episode because it’s Castle and Beckett looking after the baby so it’s Castle and Beckett playing house. We get to see each of their different points of view on what parenthood would mean to them.”

As for the ongoing storyline revolving around Beckett’s mother’s murder and Senator Bracken, Marlowe revealed that they were working on revisiting that story again this season. “My intent is to get another interesting bite at that this season and we are working on an angle that I’m excited about but I usually hate to commit to things in interviews until I know that they’re ready to go.” And what of Castle’s father? “I would love to see him make a return sometime this year so that’s something that we’re actively working towards.” But bringing back Bracken and Hunt would depend on a couple of vital factors. “A lot of it depends on us having the right story and those really great actors being available at the time that they need them.”

Speaking of returning characters, I asked the Castle creator if fans could expect Jerry Tyson, also known as 3XK, to make a comeback this season too. “We shall see. I think that there will be a time during the season that we’ll certainly feel his hands in things if we don’t necessarily see him.” With that, Marlowe laughed and added, “Look, Castle shot the guy. He’s dead, right?”

After five full seasons of epic storytelling, what is the one thing that the Castle creator is most proud of? “Let me say that one of the things that I am most proud of with this show is our ability to do a wide variety of storytelling, that we can do something that’s really suspenseful or we can do something that’s really thrilling or we can do something that’s really funny, and I think that what I’m most proud of is us having that tonal range.” He also assured me that there was still a great deal of this story left to be told. “I always felt that the characters would tell me when it was time for the show to end and, thankfully, I don’t think that we’re at that point right now.”

As the interview came to a close, Marlowe shared a gracious sentiment, showing his and his Castle team’s appreciation for TV Guide Canada, the Canadian Castle audience, and all of our loyal readers from around the world. “You guys have been so great to us over the years. We really, really appreciate it. We love you guys up there and are particularly pleased with the passion that your fans have with the show.”

With a stellar cast and crew, incredible storytelling, and a leader like this at the helm of it all, is it any wonder why the Castle fans have so much passion for the show?

Castle airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV and Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 6 premiere of Castle. Read at your own risk.]

As promised, the Season 6 premiere of Castle wasted very little time resolving its Season 5 cliff-hanger.

After Beckett (Stana Katic) received an offer to work in Washington D.C., Castle (Nathan Fillion) became furious that Beckett kept the interview process a secret from him. But just when it seemed the pair was moving in different directions, Castle surprised Beckett — and viewers — by proposing! So, how did Beckett respond?

For now, it seems she’s having her cake and eating it too. That’s right, Beckett accepted Castle’s proposal but also took the job in D.C., where she was partnered with Rachel McCord (guest star Lisa Edelstein). But after jumping forward in time a few months, it became clear that it wasn’t smooth sailing for Beckett, who wasn’t exactly earning high marks during her training.

Things also were off with Castle, whom Beckett hadn’t spent any quality time with in several weeks. So, when he pops down to the nation’s capital for a surprise visit, Beckett is thrilled — until Castle sticks his nose into Beckett’s (classified) case. Not only does Castle earn the ire of McCord, but he also gets caught up in a conspiracy involving a biological weapon. Even worse? Castle has been infected and only has hours to live!

So, assuming Castle makes it out alive (duh!), how will the new engagement affect Castle and Beckett? And how will Beckett continue to struggle adjusting to how the feds do things in D.C.? turned to Castle creator Andrew. W Marlowe for answers.

So Beckett accepts both the proposal and the job in D.C. Did you consider other outcomes?
Andrew Marlowe: We certainly considered all the other alternatives, but it felt to us that this was the most honest answer to both of the questions. You have two characters who really care about each other and were heading in this direction. So, if Beckett had said no [to Castle], it felt like it would have been a little artificial. I don’t think she would have been honest with herself. But if she said no to the job in D.C., it would also be a betrayal of who she was. We thought that this would give us some really interesting storytelling. In today’s society, contemporary couples really have to balance out career and family. It’s something that we wanted to tackle through our fun lens on Castle.

It also gives you a chance to make Kate a little vulnerable again at work. She’s not exactly her happiest when we jump forward a few months.
 She’s been the best of the best, and now she’s the new kid in school in D.C. She’s struggling to make it work, she’s struggling to fit in and she’s struggling to balance her personal and professional life, which is hard. She feels like she’s not doing either particularly well. She feels like she’s failing at her relationship with Castle. She feels like she’s failing at her job, and Castle is trying to figure it out. He’s pulled between family and this new relationship and two cities.

Will that be the thrust for the stories this season?
Marlowe: A lot of it will be figuring out, now that we’ve done this, is it the right thing? How are we going to make this work? There are some questions and concerns that they’ve been kicking down the road that I think they’ll have to confront this year.

Such as?
Marlowe: Let me put it this way, I think that there are things when you’re in a relationship that you know about each other, but once you escalate the relationship, there are new things that you find out about what you believe in. We haven’t talked about whether or not Castle wants kids. Does Beckett want kids? Are they going to get a place together? Is she going to move into the loft? Is he going to move into her place? There’s all sorts of practicalities but then there are going to be other challenges. But our initial challenge is: How are they going to make this relationship work long-distance? How are they going to try and balance it so everybody can have everything? Can they have everything or is somebody going to sacrifice something?
Of course, you also have McCord giving Beckett her two cents. How will their relationship develop?
Marlowe: Beckett is looking at McCord as a kind of role model. There are a number of issues I think Beckett is dealing with. One is the career-versus-family and seeing who McCord is, what she’s achieved and where she’s ended up. I think the other thing that’s very important for the Beckett character is life has always been clear to her as a cop. If you commit a murder, I come get you and you do your time. In D.C., things are much more politically murky. In D.C. people have agendas, and the people who are ultimately responsible [aren't always] going to be held accountable.

How much of a problem will that be for Beckett?
Marlowe: I think that that’s going to be a struggle for Beckett and something that McCord is going to try and help her navigate her way through. Given who Beckett is at her core, will she be able to make that adjustment? Will she be able to see the greater good or will she be focused the same way she always has?

Obviously, Castle isn’t making Beckett’s transition at work any easier. Can he just not keep himself from sticking his nose in things?
: It’s who he is and it’s his response to the fact that the relationship isn’t quite working. In Castle’s mind, the magic is when the two of them are together, when they’re batting theories back and forth. He’s a guy who’s just trying to make the magic happen again in the relationship because they haven’t been able to see each other. [He thinks,] maybe this is a way in which we can have relationship moments. Whether or not it’s appropriate I don’t think crosses his mind. He’s always gotten away with stuff his whole life. He sticks his nose in, he gets his hand slapped, but that’s not the end of it.

Well, in this case, he sticks his nose in and gets stuck with a biochemical toxin! Why did you decide to start the season with such a high-stakes two-parter?
We wanted to open with interesting, compelling storytelling that gets Castle wrapped up in a case that he can’t get out of. We didn’t feel like we could fully accomplish that in 42 minutes with the emotional pieces that were going on. It’s not our intent to keep the rest of the season serialized. It’s our intent to get back to our conventional pattern.

Assuming he doesn’t die, will that experience maybe teach Castle to tread a little more lightly?
Marlowe: I think after that experience, Castle has very little appetite to meddle in Beckett’s cases in D.C.

Is there any part of Beckett’s struggle with the new job that strengthens her relationship with Castle?
Marlowe: There are times when things are going to happen that make her question the relationship. But, yes, there are other times when things are going to happen where she’s really glad to have somebody in her corner, somebody backing her up and that strength. Kate’s never had a relationship like that. She’s getting the benefit of it.

So, when’s the wedding?
Marlowe: [Laughs] Exactly! That’s what happens in these situation. You get engaged and everybody around you — Ryan Esposito, Laney — they start asking, “When’s the wedding?” In the first handful of episodes, it’s going to be Castle and Beckett settling into the engagement, but as we get later in the year, those questions are going to start to come up — setting the date, where we’re going to do it, who we’re going to invite and all that. And in the midst of it, people are going to die and we’re going to have to investigate their murders along the way!

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Warning: The following contains major spoilers from Part 1 of Castle‘s Season 6 premiere.

“You do know how this works, right…?”

Some four months after Castle‘s titular mystery novelist (played by Nathan Fillion) got on bended knee and proposed marriage to Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the NYPD detective delivered her answer.

“Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes…. Yes, I will marry you.”

Kate’s response came with one caveat that shook her mate none — that she got the job on the federal task force in and thus will be relocating to D.C. And already, one flash-forward later, we are seeing the complications that come with their long-ish distance romance. (For one, Castle wound up exposed to a fatal chemical weapon!)

Assuming Castle makes it out alive, TVLine invited series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to dissect recent developments for the show’s core couple and dish on what lies ahead. (Could it be… wedding bells?)

TVLINE | Which came first — Rick proposing to Kate or Kate getting a D.C. job offer? Or did theyalways come part and parcel?

In our minds they always came part and parcel. The proposal is a big step, but we also wanted to challenge the relationship right away, and I think that in today’s age, taking a job in another city and trying to conduct a long-distance relationship is something that a lot of people are familiar with. And we though it would be a great way to instantly challenge some of the assumptions that they both have about the relationship – certainly some assumptions that Beckett has about who she can be in life. She’s trying to have it all, and like many of us who are trying to have it all, she’s not doing it particularly well. Seeing somebody who has always been a high performer and really on top of her stuff for five years struggling is really interesting. It puts her in a really vulnerable position. We wanted to take advantage of two people who wanted to be together but had to go through this yearning process for being with each other and finding a moment. Also, there are times when things in life shift, where you’re trying to recapture the magic and trying to find the spark in your relationship again. On the heels of this great momentous moment of both of them accepting each other, we wanted to really put it under a microscope and examine it, have some fun with it.

TVLINE | Stana told me that she thought it was important to send the message that a woman shouldn’t have to choose. That partners should support each other’s dreams.

Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not hard. You know, we’re in a tough economy and people are working harder than ever. I know a lot of married couples where they’re both working and they don’t see each other that often and they’re trying to make it work and they’re trying to find balance. So there are significant costs in having to choose, because you you’re sacrificing something, but there are also costs in trying to have it all. We wanted to see a couple who has the best intentions towards each other trying to figure out how to make it work.

TVLINE | Were there any other yes/no/maybe scenarios that you even briefly toyed with? Because it would have been efficient for you to also shoot the outcome back in the spring, while you’re already on location at the playground.
Sure, we toyed with it, but we’re always looking for what’s most honest and what’s going to be most challenging. And it felt like where the characters were in their trajectory and how they felt about each other, that [the path we chose] was honest. Having Kate sacrifice an opportunity and having Castle ask her to sacrifice an opportunity felt dishonest. Instead, it’s, “Hey, if we love each other we’ll figure it out,” and we’re looking at a handful of episodes where they really are trying to figure it out. And the future is not just about their relationship. It’s about who Beckett is, and what kind of life Castle’s going to lead if he remains in New York without her.

TVLINE | Some fans are concerned that you’re geographically “breaking up the band,” at least for a stretch. How can you reassure those people?
Well, without getting too spoilery, I can say that we are committed to making sure that every episode feels like a Castle episode. Even during a time when folks are separated geographically, it’s still going to feel like the experience that they’ve always gotten. We’re not interested in changing the overall DNA of the show, which is, you know, Castle and Beckett and solving cases and having all the other folks that we know and love involved. But we are interested in throwing new obstacles, in growing the relationships. We are interested in seeing fresh faces come in to help illuminate our characters, move them along or give them something to push against.

TVLINE | I was actually impressed by the premiere’s mechanics — even knowing how it was going to play out, I was not expecting Rick and Kate to have as much screen time together as they did.
We were very conscious that, although we wanted to change some of the trappings and some of the obstacles, we did not want to change the experience. We know that people are tuning in for a very particular Castle experience, so that was first and foremost on our minds. Hopefully we’ve been able to achieve it.

TVLINE | Back at the 12th, are Ryan and Esposito going to get work a case or two entirely on their own? Something that doesn’t always dovetail with D.C.?
Absolutely. But then it will dovetail, in a very fun and unexpected way that, I think, will delight fans. We have an episode coming up which is a lot of fun, where Castle can’t be with Beckett and Ryan and Esposito end up on a very high-profile case that has a lot of fun attached to it.

TVLINE | Is there any larger theme to Season 6?
What’s emerging for us as a theme is “relationships and how to make them work.” Relationships are complicated, and for a long time Castle and Beckett were doing this dance of, “How do we feel about each other.” We’ve moved beyond that to a couple that’s made a commitment to each other, but that commitment is constantly challenged, just like it’s challenged in all of our lives. Now that they’re at this moment, now that she said yes, this season has become, “OK, how are we going to make this work? On a practical level. Given your life, given my life. Given where I come from, given where you come from. Given what my ambitions are, given what your ambitions are. How are we going to make this work?” We feel like that’s a very relevant question to our culture these days.

TVLINE | But once they navigate the initial “long-distance”/juggling issue, are there other obstacles that might come their way? Any external forces or any past issues that will bubble back up?
There are some. There are some really fun ones that we’re working on, but we’re not quite ready to advertise those yet because they’re still cooking.

TVLINE | Lastly, are you ready yet to go on record as committing to a Season 6 wedding date…?
I’m ready to go on record in that Castle and Beckett are going to be talking about it and planning it and figuring out when it happens. But I think it’s a little too soon for me to say to the fans that it’s going to happen or it’s not.

Coming soon to TVLine: Guest star Lisa Edelstein previews what’s next for Agent McCord and Beckett (and Castle). Also: Stana Katic shares her own thoughts on the premiere and the future of “Caskett.”

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WARNING: Spoilers!

While CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe was (understandably) vague about what’s to come for Castle and Beckett in season 6 given how many question marks are hanging over their head with the various cliffhanger outcomes, he was a little bit more forthcoming about what’s to come for the rest of the people in their world.

Take a look at what he could tease about Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, Alexis, the return of some memorable guest stars, and more…

What can you say about the introduction of Lisa Edelstein‘s introduction to the CASTLE world?
Andrew Marlowe: Lisa comes in as a top-notch federal investigator that has a very strong impact on Beckett’s decision-making about what she ultimately does in terms of her job and the job opportunity in DC. And it’s really fun watching her interact with Beckett…and with Castle. Taking kind of a fresh [view] of Castle we haven’t seen in a while, and certainly not since Gates came into the picture — this guy who is always poking into things. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Elsewhere, how is Ryan handling Jenny’s pregnancy?
AM: I think he’s very much looking forward to it in an obsessive way that is causing great consternation to the people around him.

Is Esposito getting a little tired of Ryan in Baby Daddy mode?
AM: I think that would be fair to say.

Is Jenny’s pregnancy making Esposito reconsider his own life choices?
AM: It’s doing so in unexpected ways. [Laughs]

Does Lanie factor into that?
AM: No, I’m not talking more about the bromance between Ryan and Esposito. When a baby comes along, it tends to challenge that sort of thing. People shift their attention.

Fair! What can you tease about what’s coming up for Esposito and Lanie as a potential couple?
AM: Well, I think they have a complicated relationship, and I think we owe the audience a little more there. There was a scene that was cut out a season or so ago that explains why the two of them broke up when they did. But because that scene was cut out, we never have given the audience a really satisfactory explanation of where the relationship stands or what the issues are, so I think we have a responsibility to address that.

Speaking of relationships, Alexis has a new boyfriend. What can you say about what we can expect for her in the new season?
AM: Alexis, when she comes back from Costa Rica, has this boy in tow. This hemp-wearing, fruitarian, that Castle doesn’t know what to make of. And the guy kind of insinuates himself into the household in a way that is just maddening to Castle. I think it’s certainly going to challenge him. And I think Alexis will be equally challenged by where Castle is in the season, and the emotional fallout from the decisions he’s made and the decisions Beckett’s made.

That makes sense. Last year, ABC upped your episode order twice last season — and the last time was fairly late in the game. Have you spoken to them about needing to know a final episode count earlier in the year, or are you basically at their mercy?
AM: I think we’re sort of at their mercy. They have their needs and they have to see how their season opens, and we have to see how we’re performing and they have to see how their other shows are performing. We certainly understand the issues they’re under; there are times they can make commitments and times they can’t. We’re just happy to be around.

So are you planning on 22 for this season?
AM: So far, my understanding is for 22. We’re internally planning to have more just so we don’t get caught unaware…I’ll say we were pretty stretched by the end of the season, but sometimes a challenge like that can produce something really interesting. I’m really proud of the clip show ["Still"] we ended up doing. We found a way into that that I was creatively very pleased by. And I’m normally someone who hates clip shows. But we managed to comment on the relationship and move the storytelling forward, so I was ultimately very happy. And sometimes when you’re challenged, the only way to respond to the challenge is to be as creative as you can possibly be, good things come from it.

With trying to plan these episodes, is it really difficult at this point to try and stay ahead of the curve in tackling some of these zeitgeist-y cases? I know when BONES creator Hart Hanson tweeted about their in-the-works episode about roller derby, you tweeted CASTLE had almost done an episode set there, too…
AM: You do the best job you can; I don’t know you can always stay ahead of it. Ultimately, we try and do shows we’re interested in that we think our characters might be interested in. And if Hart and I do roller derby on the same week, just because we have different characters with a different point of view, I can guarantee you the shows will be different. We may have some of the same set dressings or some of the same obligations to the genre, but it would end up being a different beast. Ultimately, I think you end up needing to service your characters and your show, and when you’ve done 100 — and I think Hart’s done 150 of them — the stories become more and more difficult to come up with. And you’re looking for something that’s going to be fresh for your characters and will be able to provide you with a conversation or a touchstone — if they’re in a relationship — of something to talk about.

What can you say about the guest stars you’ll have this season?
AM: We’re really excited to have Lisa Edelstein for the episodes she’s going to be in, and we’re looking forward to landing other great names. There are a lot of talented people in this business I’d love to work with, and one thing I’ve learned about this industry is so much of it has to do with timing and the stars aligning to get those people into the roles. And we’ve been very, very lucky so far. And hopefully we’ll continue to be lucky this year.

Should fans be expecting returns for Meredith or James Brolin as Castle’s dad or Senator Bracken?
AM: I can say that’s our hope. All of the characters you mentioned are very compelling characters to us, and we think there’s some great storytelling in each of them. Again, it’s a matter of us having the right idea at the right time of the season and just hoping those guys are available to come play in our sandbox.

We had such a good time with Brolin, and what a good actor playing that character in our mythology. We’d love to see him again, but we’d have to make sure we had the right story that really tapped into the Castle relationship with his father and who that guy is. And of course, bringing Jack [Coleman] back for Senator Bracken, we know that there are aspects to that story that are hanging over Beckett’s head, that we’re going to need to engage with at some point. It’s finding the right story and making sure that he is available. So those are all things that are certainly on our wishlist, and hopefully the TV gods will smile upon us and it’ll all work out.

How about 3XK?
AM: Isn’t he dead?

I don’t believe your innocent tone any more this time than I did the last time you gave me that line.
AM: He may be out there, he may be dead. We’ll see.

A “death” is a good way to put him on the back, back burner until you guys have the perfect story for him to return.
AM: I would prefer that instead of saying I’m putting him on the back, back burner, how uncomfortable must it be for Richard Castle to believe this force is out there? That this very destructive force could be alive, and could still be biding his time?

That could keep someone up at night.
AM: If he’s alive.


CASTLE’s sixth season premieres Monday, September 23rd at 10 PM on ABC.

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It’s not exactly the easiest thing to tease what’s to come in CASTLE season 6.

Sure, CASTLE is not the only finale to have a massive cliffhanger to end the season, but it is in the curious position of having both of its big, unanswered questions so intrinsically intertwined with the core dynamic of the show that it makes answering anything about what’s to come a big, fat spoiler.

So when I spoke with CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe about what was to come for Castle and Beckett in season 6, there was some vagueness, there were some hypotheticals, but, hopefully, there’s also enough of a tease of what’s to come for the duo that it’ll have you counting down the moments until the show’s season premiere…When you sat down to plan this season, how clear was the arc for the year in your mind? Did you plan out the scope of the year, or did you tackle the premiere just have broad strokes of ideas for the rest of season 6?
Andrew Marlowe: It depends on your definition of clear. I had a vision of what season 6 looked like, and beyond that, what season 7 could look like. And what I want to do with the relationship and where I want to take these guys.

As we’ve gotten into breaking stories this year, we’re really excited by some of the dramatic opportunities and problems Beckett’s answers to the two fundamental questions [raised in the finale] have created. One question is does she accept the proposal? And the other question is she has this job opportunity in Washington D.C. — what’s going to happen to that? And I know there’s been a lot of attention in the press to how Beckett answers those questions, but what’s more interesting to us is that each one of those answers has consequences to their relationship, and to Castle’s future and Beckett’s future. So what’s more interesting to us rather than what she answers is what are the consequences of those answers?

If she says yes to the proposal, there is a whole series of consequences in that relationship that are going to arise. But if she says no to the proposal, again, how is that going to affect the relationship? If she says yes to the job in D.C., it’s going to fundamentally alter stuff for Beckett and Castle. And if she says no to it, is Beckett betraying who she is as a person and will she be able to live with that? We’re really excited to explore the dramatic opportunities, no matter which ways the questions are answered.

We live in a time where it’s really hard to keep these big answers spoiler-free…and I know some fans think they know the answers to these questions based on set photos and how some of the actors have spoken about what’s to come this season. How important is it to you that viewers come into the season spoiler-free — or have you accepted to an extent that these twists can’t remain totally unspoiled?
AM: I think at a certain point you have to take control and do the best you can. Whether that means coaching your actors to say certain things or shooting multiple resolutions to stuff and putting stuff out there and people keeping guessing and letting them think they know and making them feel they know — I think it’s inevitable some things will get out, and in any circumstance, she’s going to say yes or no to one [question] and yes or no to the other. In any circumstance, a quarter of your fanbase, statistically, will come back and be smug and say, “I guessed she would do that.”

Again, what the answers are, to me, and I think our core fanbase, the answers are a lot less interesting than the questions those answers are going to raise. And how these two characters are going to navigate their relationship in light of it. I think inevitably in this day and age, stuff is going to get out there.  Some of it is going to be accurate, some of it is not. We’re just pleased people care and people are talking about it.

That’s completely fair. It’s the sixth season, so the continued passion is probably a good sign.
AM: And I know some people who when they read mysteries, they read the last page and then read the book. In this circumstance, if people have gone and sought out spoiler material — and sought out spoiler material that’s accurate — all they’re doing is reading the first page of what happens next. And that’s fine.

If they’re engaged, do you see this being a longer engagement, or do you anticipate they may move a bit fast?
AM: I think no matter what the question is, we’re going to have to deal with the ramifications are, and it’s probably more complicated than either of them foresee.

If they get engaged, how will it impact their working relationship?
AM: You’re fishing in the engagement pond, aren’t you? [Laughs]

These are all fun hypothetical questions, because even if they don’t get engaged now, they could get engaged a year from now and still have to deal with these issues.
AM: Whether it’s in the premiere episode this year or a season from now or two seasons from now, if these two get engaged, I think they’ll have to wrestle with it. Certainly Beckett will have to wrestle with the fact that Castle has been married two times before. And Castle is going to have to wrestle with whether he’s done the right thing. And I think the two of them will have to wrestle with an imagined future together.

And also, how do they live their day-to-day life and what does that look like? It’s one thing to be hanging out, professionally, with a multi-millionaire dilettante writer who is helping you solve crimes. It’s another to imagine your future with that person and wrestle with your own identity. And then in terms of the kind of people it would make sense for Castle to be with on paper, Beckett’s not necessarily that person, but there’s clearly an attraction. That becomes real and they’re looked at by society as that couple.

So inevitably, when they get there, those are issues we’ll have to deal with. As well as how it would alter how they work together in a professional relationship. It’s one thing to be partners, but when you’re partners on top of partners, it’s a whole other thing. So when it’s time for us to do that, I assume all of those issues will be part of the trajectory of the storytelling.

Whether she accepts the proposal or not, will you be touching on the outside reaction to their relationship from the media and Castle’s fans, etc.?
AM: Inevitably, we’re going to have to deal with that.

It would make sense we’ve seen Castle being touted as an eligible bachelor in the past…
AM: [Now either] an eligible bachelor or off the market. We will absolutely have to deal with that. Or off the market but have to pretend to be on the market for book sales. There are a lot of different possibilities we could get into.

Will the show be touching back on the conversation Beckett had with Meredith at the end of “Significant Others”?
AM: If you were a woman, wouldn’t that haunt you? And you are a woman, so if you were in a situation [like that] I think it would haunt you. And you know Beckett — she never lets anything go. She stores it all away. And I think inevitably when she’s looking at her relationship with Castle, she’s going to wonder about that.

If, hypothetically, Beckett goes to D.C., where does this leave Castle, professionally?
AM: That’s a big hypothetical — if Beckett goes to D.C.! I think, look, if Beckett doesn’t go to D.C., it’s going to challenge her and challenge the relationship. She will feel she has missed an opportunity. And inevitably, she will look at Castle as the reason, and that would cause stress in any relationship. And if she does go to D.C., what a huge wrench to throw into any burgeoning relationship. And one wonders if the relationship could survive.

One wonders what Castle would do: would he move to D.C..? He’s got family in New York, his mom’s in New York, he’s got business in New York, but maybe he can write from anywhere. If she takes this job and he moves to D.C., she’s already said in the last episode, this would consume her. Are they going to have any time together? That would be tough, too.

So I think that on either side of the equation, no matter what Beckett’s decision is, or whether it’s Beckett and Castle making the decision together, there are going to be relationship consequences they’re going to have to attend to.

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While the big questions on everyone’s minds about CASTLE season 6 revolve around whether Beckett will accept Castle’s proposal and whether she will go to DC for a new job, one thing is certain: crimes are still going to need to be solved.

“We’re going to start off with a case that’s relatively high-stakes,” CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe told me. “We think that’s a fun way to get people reemerged into the CASTLE universe. And then we’ll have some more fun cases coming up. As you know, we like to balance the serious, the thrilling, and the fun.”

As for those lighter cases. season 6 will feature the show diving into the world of a certain late ’80s/early ’90s television show, Richard Castle having to step up in an unexpected way, and…time travel?!

“We’re working on an idea here where our suspect in the case claims to be a time-traveler back from the future, trying to prevent cataclysmic events from unfolding,” Marlowe teased. “We [also] have an idea that’s centered around the death of a grown-up child actor, that takes us into a fun kind of SAVED BY THE BELL world, that turns into something much more complicated than that as we move further into the storytelling. But it’s kind of fun to revisit the shows of 1980s and ’90s that we watched growing up.”

“We [additionally] have a case where Castle is enlisted in a hostage crisis as a negotiator because the woman doesn’t trust police and she’s kind of his number one fan,” he added. “So he’s sent in to help resolve the situation with hilarious and dramatic results.”

(And for those of you still concerned about the recent CASTLE shutdown, Marlowe reiterated shooting is going smoothly now. “Though ABC has asked me not to comment on the situation, we love Nathan and Nathan loves the show and we’re looking forward to a really amazing season 6,” he said.)

Which case are you most looking forward to seeing in CASTLE’s sixth season? (And yes, I talked with Marlowe about Castle/Beckettand other season 6 goodies, so be sure to check back soon for that!)

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