The 12th precinct takes a trip back in time this week in Castle Season 6 Episode 20, as our favorite detectives get down and get groovy in order to play into a witness’ delusion that it’s still the 1970s.

We chatted with Seamus Dever to talk about his love of all things ’70s, what he’d like to see in Kevin Ryan’s future and what fans can expect from the upcoming Castle season finale.

How did you prepare for this episode? Were you channeling your inner Starsky & Hutch?

I think, you know, Starsky & Hutch they were a jumping off point for the start of the character but I’m a big fan of movies from the ’70s so it wasn’t too hard to channel. There were some other influences. Some blaxploitation influences for sure. Starsky & Hutch, they were a starting point but it really got bigger than that.

You sound like a big fan of the ’70s. What was your favorite ’70s TV show or movie?

Oh my God, yeah. There’s so many movies. I mean all of my favorite movies are from the ’70s. The French Connection, that sort of started it off. There’s some really good film making. Chinatown, it’s about the ’40s but was made in the ’70s. Super Fly, Shaft. Some good, just like gritty movies. Billy Jack. Oh God, that was so like rough. It’s fun to watch those movies where everything wasn’t necessarily so polished. Most of my favorite music is from the ’70s, I have to say, all like the soul music. We were definitely getting down with some Isaac Hayes, with some Bill Withers. It was a lot of fun.

Were there any ’70s consultants on the set or did you all just dive into on your own?

Who needed them? I’ve got a pretty good knowledge of the ’70s. I was born in 1976 after all so I consider myself a ’70s expert.

Out of the entire cast, who was the most into this concept? Who had the most fun with it?

Oh boy. I don’t even know that anybody was having any more fun than our crew was, to be honest. We all had a lot of fun and there were a lot of laughs. Penny (Johnson Jerald, Capt. Gates) had a good time. Tamala (Jones, Dr. Lanie Parish) had a good time.

Jon (Huertas, Det. Javier Esposito) and I had a really good time. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Nathan and Stana they got a kick out of wearing the clothes and seeing us dressed up so different. Sort of the general consensus was that Jon and I were the most transformed. I think when you see the episode it will be evident. But the crew had a good time because of it. They got to do hair and makeup on us and make us look so different. Kudos to them.

Your costume designer Luke Reichle did an amazing job with your outfits but were the actors allowed any input?

Well, of course. In all of the fittings we do. We sit down, or really stand up and we put on the clothes and say this works or this doesn’t. This is too tight, this is whatever. From that moment on, we were sort of like this is going to work or I like this. There’s sort of a little spark that goes off when you put on the right pair of pants for the character or the right shirt and you go, oh my God. Let’s take a picture and let’s show everybody. Yeah, Luke had a great time. Him and Johnny, our other costumer, they got to pull some stuff together. They’re all costumes.

They’re all authentic. Nothing was made for this. It’s not hard to find these in these great, big costume warehouses that are all throughout Los Angeles. Western Costume, they all exist, these costumes and they’re authentic. You’re wearing some acrylic turtleneck from 1977 and you know, it smells like it’s been around since 1977. And you’re just like, please don’t rip. Please don’t rip.

Is there anything from that time period you’d like to see back in style?

Soul music. I’d bring back soul music and it would be the only music you’d hear on the radio. Just so much music from that era that I absolutely love. My God, the O’Jays, the Dramatics, the Chi-Lites. Yeah. I listen to a lot of that kind of radio on my SiriusXM, Soul Town. It’s my favorite.

Now I’ve got to ask, do you have a favorite ’70s song?

There’s so many. Probably the one I’m into lately is What You See Is What You Get and I believe that’s by the Dramatics. So, yeah. There’s some good music out there.

Changing gears a bit, if he could pitch one idea for Kevin Ryan’s story going forward, what would it be?

Oh, for Ryan. Geez. OK, two things. One, I want Ryan to go undercover again. That was a lot of fun. I’d want there to be one more secret that Ryan gets to surprise people with, just like we did with “The Wild Rover” episode in season 5. One more thing to make people go really, he did that? I want that moment just one more time. And then the other one I’ve been pitching for years that I don’t think is ever going to see its way in there is a murder mystery where we all go out of town to some mansion in the Hamptons and they have some sort of stay overnight Clue kind of thing.

So I’ve wanted like a Clue episode, where we have to dress as these characters to flush out the killer. I’ve been pitching that for three years so I don’t think it’s going to happen. If it hasn’t happened by now, but I think it would be really fun to do that.

Will we see/hear more about little baby Ryan soon? It’s been pretty quiet since she was born. Will we get anymore insights this season into the Ryan family?

No, probably not this year. Probably next year they’ll pick that up but its not planned for this season.

We all know there’s a wedding approaching and everyone is wondering, will Ryan be Castle’s best man?

There’s a fun episode after the ’70s episode. I think it’s Castle Season 6 Episode 21 where Esposito and Ryan both decide that they’re worthy of being Castle’s best man. So they’re both competing for that honor. And Castle has no idea why they’re acting like such suck-ups all of a sudden to curry his favor. Beckett’s on to it very early and kind of lets the lunacy go on because she enjoys it but Castle’s totally unaware of it and thinks that we’re talking about something else. So the entire time we’re giving him gifts and doing all of these things and just being like really affectionate, like you’re my best buddy. We’re friends, like best friends. Jon’s really funny in that episode. He does some really understated throw away lines that are just really hilarious. Yeah, there’s a competition and at the end you’ll find out who the best man is.

What can you share about the season finale? Will fans be happy or angst ridden going into the summer?

I think they’re… um. Let’s say, oh boy. Let’s say they’re going to want to tune in in September to find out what happens next. They’re going to be challenged. I don’t think they’re going to be happy or sad. They’re going to be challenged. Which is good. We want people to come next year.

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CASTLE is taking a trip to the ’70s with Monday’s episode, “That ’70s Show,” and the hour lets viewers see their favorite characters in a way we’ve never seen them before.

To get a little insight into the making of the episode, I spoke with CASTLE star Seamus Dever (Ryan) about getting into the era, what Ryan will be up to, what era he hopes the show tackles next, and more…

What was your reaction to seeing the script for “That ’70s Show”?
Seamus Dever: [Laughs] It was a lot of fun! I was like, oh my god, it’s going to be so much fun when we get to do this, when we really dress up fully like this. And I think the audience is going to be surprised by how different Ryan and Esposito look in this episode.

How long did the process take to do hair and makeup for ’70s-era Ryan?
SD: It took about an hour to do the whole thing. Usually I’m done with hair and makeup in 15 minutes…we had a great time. That hair and makeup department, they’re used to doing cool and crazy stuff like this. They really got a kick out of doing it. It was a nice departure from what we normally do on the show.

What was the wardrobe process like?
SD: Surprisingly quick. I think I tried on four or five pairs of really tight pants. [Laughs] And then when the right thing comes along, you’re like, yep, there you go. Everyone gets inspired by what the look is going to be. Surprisingly quick. My sessions go really quick, because I’m a fairly average-sized person, so I have a lot of options available to me.

And so we did it really quickly. And you’re wearing these great clothes from the ’70s that are from these vast costume rental warehouses, where they rent from for things like this. So they have a lot of ’70s costumes, things that were probably worn on TV shows in the ’70s. So it’s like going back in time when you slip in them, because you put that turtleneck on, and you hope it doesn’t stretch out too far, because this thing is 40 years old. [Laughs] And the character falls into place because of it.

What can you tease about the episode itself?
SD: We have a cold case that comes out, a Jimmy Hoffa-style cold case where we try and track down these really old leads, and track these really old mobsters down to talk to. And it turns out one of the informants from the past — we got the awesome actor, Jon Polito, who is one of the Coen brothers regulars, he came on and I got to work with him a lot — he comes on the show, and he plays this character that thinks he’s in the ’70s, dresses like he’s in the ’70s, talks to people like he’s in the ’70s. And there’s one moment where Castle realizes we have to transform the precinct, ’70s-style, so we get rid of all the new desks, all the computers, everything’s gone. All of a sudden we have a picture of Jimmy Carter on the wall and it’s like 1977, 1978. [Laughs] And everybody, even all the background folks, are dressed up like that.

And Esposito and Ryan take on this persona of these two really well-known badass detectives in the ’70s, Snooky and Ray, and we get to interview him, and take him to a ’70s club to jog his memory. And in the process we solve the murder, of course. But the fun part is seeing how we do it.

What was the best part of the experience of this episode for you?
SD: Transforming is always so much fun. I’m really a character actor at heart, so it’s one of my favorite things to do. Completely transforming: the walk being different, the energy being different, the way you talk being different, the way you carry yourself, that was so much fun. I get used to playing Ryan all these years, so it was nice to breakout and do something different. That was my favorite: just breaking out and doing something way different than what we usually do.

Now that the show has done a noir/’40s episode and a ’70s-themed episode, is there another era you hope they get to visit on the show?
SD: Wow. Yeah, I guess so. Those are my favorite time periods. Maybe a ’50s episode, where some things are happening in the good ol’ swinging New York ’50s. But we did the ’40s and that was pretty close. It’s hard to say. Maybe the ’20s? the ’20s would be fun. I don’t know how [they'd do it], but it would be a lot of fun to do. Prohibition style!

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Beckett and Castle have been engaged for all of this season of CASTLE, and the show may be leading up to a spring wedding for the duo. But will their nuptials go off as planned?

While CASTLE boss Andrew Marlowe wouldn’t spill all the details (naturally), we talked about the decision to show so many of the wedding’s details before the big day, as well as upcoming cases, and more…

We’ve seen Castle and Beckett talking a lot about the wedding this season, and so far, CASTLE has unveiled a lot of the big things shows often don’t reveal until the big day — we’ve seen the dress, we know their song, Beckett’s letter to Castle when she was held in captivity could have almost passed for wedding vows. Because we’ve seen this much, should viewers maybe be suspicious that there will be a last minute switch to a nontraditional wedding? Or are you planning on throwing the wedding they’ve been speaking about if/when the day happens?

Andrew Marlowe: I think that what the two of them want from their wedding is going to play out for the audience. I think we’re going to play fair with them, and show Castle and Beckett try and have the wedding they want.

What I’ll say is we’re trying to present a couple who are in the process of planning a wedding, and things get talked about, and things come up as you get close to the date. We think it would be unfair not to talk about it, not to show it, because it is very much a part of their lives.

In terms of how everything is going to play out and what we’re going to do, and if the road is going to go smoothly or if it’s going to be rocky, or if there are going to be surprises along the way, whether the day changes, whether the day stays the same, whether it happens or not, that’s all stuff we want the audience to tune in to see. Things certainly can happen along the way, but that doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be off. It doesn’t mean the wedding is going to be on. It’s just a natural part [of the process.]

Plans can always change.

AM: Or they can stay the same. I’ve been to weddings that have been lovely; I’ve been to weddings that have been disastrous; I’ve been to weddings that have gone off without a hitch; I’ve been to weddings that didn’t happen on the day [of the planned event.] There are plenty of opportunities out there, and I’ve love for the audience to watch.

And there will be more conversations [about the wedding] as they get closer to the date.

Nice. What can you tease about the cases that are coming up?

AM: We have a really fun episode where we get to see a little more of Captain Gates. The victim it turns out is a confidential informant for the U.S. Attorney’s office. And we discover that the U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York is actually Gates’ sister, and Gates has never mentioned this, and why hasn’t she mentioned it? And what is the relationship between these two very strong, very powerful women. It’s really fun for us to be able to showcase Penny Jerald Johnson (Gates), and we had yet to bite at this character who we’ve been seeing for a couple of years. We get a significant bite at her backstory and who she is.

And after that, we have a really, really fun episode that takes us into the world of the 1970s, into the middle of the disco era. It’s a different device than “Blue Butterfly,” that allows us to see our characters in that era. So that’s going to be fun.

And as I intimated, we’ll get another bite at the larger mythology story before we end the season.

Will 3XK come back into play before the end of the season?

AM: I thought 3XK was dead! Maybe his girlfriend’s alive.

Will the show be revisiting the storyline before the season concludes?

AM: I will neither confirm nor deny.

Interesting. Will we be seeing any of Ryan’s home life, or seeing his newborn daughter anytime soon?

AM: It’s not in the next couple of episodes. Going home with somebody just to see their home life if we’re not filtering it through a case or through the Castle/Beckett experience is always a challenge for us, because those scenes, as fun as they are, don’t move the story forward.

What does having Alexis back at home do for you guys are storytellers? Are you finding it easier to bring her into stories that way?

AM: It is when we need her as we go through this last stretch. It’s a lot of concentration on Castle and Beckett, and the wedding, so I think it’s at a time in the series where, yeah, we had a great bite at her in the beginning, and we’ll for sure see her at the end, but having her around  allows us to weave her into the stories more, and it also means that to bring her into the stories, we can have her there without having to create great excuses for her to show up.

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Penny Johnson Jerald took on the role of Capt. Victoria “Iron” Gates at the beginning of Castle Season 4, replacing the 12th precinct’s beloved Capt. Montgomery in the process.

Now heading towards the end of Castle season 6, I had the chance to speak with the actress about her upcoming sister act, the blue-eyed stare… and why Castle is her fine dessert.

It looks like we’re going to meet Victoria Gates’ sister in Castle Season 6 Episode 19. What can you tell us about that?

Well you know what’s really special about this episode? It’s not only that I have an on-screen sister but I also have a real life sister who is going to make a special appearance on this episode as well. That’s pretty cool. It’s kind of like a sister in an episode who’s not my sister but my real sister will be there too. I’m finding that when that happened I was so excited. I was beside myself. I said to Andrew (Marlowe – show creator), I’m going to be the best little student you’ve ever had. So I’m excited to see it on Monday.

Will we be meeting the rest of Gates family. Her husband or kids?

I certainly hope so. According to my sister played by Salli Richardson, when she was telling me the back story that she created in her mind, you better meet my family because according to her, they’re a trip. We laughed a lot about how I could end up being called Iron Gates with what kind of family and support system I would have back there. However I think that Andrew hits the nail on the head when he introduced the Elizabeth character, Salli’s character to show that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So we’re like right there on par with one another and that’s really dynamic.

What do you think of Gates’ evolving relationship with Castle?  She certainly wasn’t a fan of his in the beginning. Where would you say they are now and why has it changed?

I think that the only real change is in letting them know that I know. I think she still doesn’t quite understand why he has to be there but she is finding an appreciation for the insight that he brings to the precinct and to the different cases. I think right now that the back and forth is the treat. I don’t think that we should be all the way on the other side of the fence because then that’s not real because he still isn’t a detective. He’s still a civilian in her precinct and she runs everything so by the book. But she’s accepting because he’s starting to rub off on her.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy walking into a hit show going into its 4th season. How long did it take to feel like a part of the team?

I would say, the moment the cameras rolled on the first scene with Stana (Katic, Kate Beckett) where I said, You can call me Sir. I think that broke the ice, the writing for that. Castle is a whole different animal than any other show that I’ve ever been on in that everyone is kind of inside of each other’s lives on and off screen. It truly is that old familiar word, family. Castle is a family. It starts from the top and it’s the way that Andrew runs  the whole outfit over there.

Everyone is loving on one another. I mean right now I’ve never seen a group of people get together when someone is hurting in this family and not just the cast members but production, the crew. And we get together and we try to make it the best for that person. That doesn’t really happen. You know, you kind of hear about it and you go, Oh, that’s so bad. So sorry, and then you get on with your work but not with this show. They made me feel like I was part of the family.

I didn’t feel like I was stepping on anyone’s toes because my character, the Captain was being replaced not the actor because there’s certainly the knowledge that the love for the Montgomery character is still there too. It was just so accepting from day one.

Have you had a favorite moment or episode thus far on the show?

Oh gosh. You know, every time I think I have a favorite moment or a favorite episode it changes because the next episode happens. As my pastor says, It just gets gooder and gooder. And it just gets gooder and gooder. I mean the episode I’m reading today, it’s so wonderful. I think I’ve had favorite moments but it hasn’t been particularly on camera that I can pinpoint. My favorite moments are my hugs from the cast members and the 15 minute blue eyed stare. I mean 15 seconds. 15 minutes would create something else! That’s something that Nathan (Fillion, Rick Castle) and I do. I just stare into his big blues for 15 seconds every time that I work and he allows it. Then we do a little smile and we get on with it.

What started that?

It all started with my little granny baby, when she realized that Nathan was a real person and she said, And he has blue eyes! And she wants to see them so I look in his eyes for her every time I work.

What’s been your most memorable role over the years?

Well the most memorable is the one I’m doing today because that’s what I can remember, just having had a birthday. But the most delicious and the most fun role to date has been Sherry Palmer character (24). I really do and I think what I was going through at that particular time in life. A parent to a teenager/woman and really going to bat with being a great parent and at the time it was mirroring what was going on with 24 with Sherry. She first started out defending her children like any wolf would do for her cubs and then it became something so delicious it went back to the the theater.

I felt like I was back doing the classics. It was Shakespeare, I was playing Lady M. That’s a feeling that is going to be hard to top but I certainly hope that it’s not over. I hope that I get to play something equally as delicious as Sheri Palmer and just as wonderful with Castle. I put it to you this way, The Larry Saunders Show was like my hors d’oeuvre. 24 was the meal and Castle is a fine dessert. Whatever happens after Castle will be my cordial, my nightcap.

There’s only a handful of episodes leading up to the season finale scheduled to air May 12th. Anything you can share with fans about the remainder of the season?

I can tell you this and I said this earlier this morning. When I read the episode that we are about to do which is second to last, I nearly fell off of my treadmill. It’s whoa! It took the wind out of me. It is so exciting. I can not wait. And Rob (Bowman) is directing it and when he directs it’s like a movie. I can’t wait and if I can’t wait I know the fans are going to be…to say the expression, they’re going to pee their pants. It’s going to be so good.

And that’s not the finale, it’s the one before the season finale?

It’s the one before the finale so you can imagine what the finale might bring out.

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TVRage: Interview With Seamus Dever

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It’s been almost five years since ‘Castle’ first graced our television screens back in March 2009. And now, well into its sixth season, it’s clear this ABC hit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Nor would we want it to, which is thanks in large part to the series’ dynamic cast of memorable characters.

In fact, one very important member of the show’s merry band of crime investigators includes actor Seamus Dever, who plays the adorably charming NYPD Homicide Detective Kevin Ryan. TVRage was lucky enough to chat with Dever this week to discuss favorite cases, that emotional arson episode, best man predictions, and even a few plot teasers, which involves…a ninja? (Sign us up!)

TVRage: ‘Castle’ has had some pretty crazy cases at times — from telekinesis to haunted DVDs to arson. Do you have a favorite case that sort of sticks out?

Seamus Dever: We’ve had so many good ones this season. “The Wild Rover” was probably my favorite one of all time because it gave me a focal point of the episode to do the show and I enjoyed the adventure and really breaking out of what people normally get to see with Kevin Ryan and it was nice.

TVRage: Castle and Beckett’s wedding is on the horizon and I don’t think there’s been any talk yet regarding a best man. I’m sure there’s a chance he may decide to have his daughter Alexis fill the role, but if he doesn’t go down that route, who do you think has the better chance of being asked, you or Esposito?

Dever: I don’t think it’ll be Ryan because Ryan didn’t ask Castle. It would probably be Esposito over Ryan, for sure, because Ryan just went through his wedding and he didn’t seem to ask him to be his best man even though they were both jockeying for it.

TVRage: Ryan and Esposito have a pretty popular bromance among fans. Does that extend off-screen as well?

Dever: Oh yeah, we’re very close. Jon [Huertas] and I hang out all the time. We have a lot in common, but we’re different enough that we sort of make each other laugh and surprise each other. It’s kinda funny. But yeah he’s a good friend now.

TVRage: There have been a few episodes now that have allowed fans to get to know your character a little better. Most recently, it involved Jenny going into labor while you were trapped in a fire with Esposito. Things got pretty emotional with the goodbyes and everything. Did you do anything different to help prepare yourself for such a serious episode?

Dever: I got to put my training — I have a couple of Masters degrees in acting, so I got to use those things. With this I actually got to cut some steaks emotionally and personally, so it’s nice to get back to that because that’s all I used to do as an actor. It was actually getting to refresh the stuff I love about acting. … We weren’t dealing with people I’d barely met or as part of a crime. It was actually dealing with emotions that affected my character and that’s unusual for ‘Castle,’ so it was a lot of fun. And I think the audience enjoyed it as a result. I think it affected a lot of people because it was just really honest work. It also helped having my wife there too, because it’s not hard to substitute ideas with feelings of loss when it’s my wife right there that I’m talking to, so that was great.

TVRage: Well, you definitely did a great job with that. I kept thinking, “No, they’re going to be okay. They’re going to be fine,” but it got pretty intense at some points.

Dever: The best thing about that day was that I had Jon because he’s my partner. So any of the emotional stuff with the phone call, I still knew I had a set of eyes to look into and read what he was thinking and that made the work, I think, deeper, because I wasn’t alone. Those phone call scenes are tough because you don’t really have anything to play off of except for words that you’re hearing and when you have a set of eyes to look into…damn, that affects your soul. So it was great having Jon there.

TVRage: What can you tell us about what to expect for the rest of the season, whether it be about your character specifically or the show as a whole?

Dever: I know there’s a fun episode that I’m probably not allowed to tease too much about involving a ninja and that’s probably, without getting into any trouble, all that I can say. I’ll tease this, there’s a fun scene where Esposito, Castle, and Ryan get to go into a bar…it’s one of those kind of things where the boys go off on a little fact-finding mission and end up in a little bit over their heads. It was a lot of fun to shoot, so I hope it’s fun to watch.

TVRage: Ryan and Esposito have become pros at their jobs now. Could a promotion be sometime in the near future for either of you? Is that the next step you’d like to see Ryan take or do you think he’s happy where he is for now?

Dever: Well, here’s the thing. As much as I would love the idea of Kevin Ryan getting a promotion, I know that ‘Castle’ needs someone to come in there with some information for Castle and Beckett to then make decisions about the case. I’m really an information provider on the show, so if it wasn’t me, I don’t know who else would do it. (laughs) Realistically, Esposito and Ryan are information clerks and that’s the reality. As much as I would love Kevin Ryan and Esposito to go off and have their spin-off, whatever it might be, I know that somebody’s got to do the hard work of bringing in new information about a case, so that we can key up Beckett and Castle and they can make deductions about the case. I know that’s the role, so I’m not really hopeful about that changing.

TVRage: Well if there’s ever any poll or anything about having a spin-off with you two I would be completely for it.

Dever: Thank you! I appreciate it.

TVRage: What was your audition like for ‘Castle’?

Dever: I did the reading [for Kevin Ryan] and [executive producer] Rob Bowman had me do it again right away, which is good since sometimes you get nervous on the first go. So the second time was much better. They laughed and I think I got the tone of the show. I understood that these were not ‘Law & Order’ or ‘Criminal Minds’ cops. They were allowed to actually have a sense of humor. So I injected that and fortunately the scene allowed it. It was the dryer scene from “Nanny McDead,” which was the second episode of the series. So it was a scene from that where they talk how not taking clothes out of other people’s dryers has a certain etiquette to it. There was a little bit of humor in there and I made them laugh both times I did it. And as I left the room [executive producer] Armyan Bernstein turned to everyone and said “Come on, that’s our guy.” And I got the offer right there.

TVRage: Besides ‘Castle,’ what other shows do you enjoy watching?

Dever: I enjoyed ‘Breaking Bad.’ I watched the hell out of that. ‘The Walking Dead’ is a hit or miss … and ‘True Detective,’ I’m enjoying that, although I wish there were more women’s roles that aren’t prostitutes (laughs) … We watch ‘Modern Family.’ We enjoy that show. There’s a lot of Sunday night viewing. I’ve been watching ‘Mad Men’ since the very beginning. I was fortunate to be in the second season, so I’m anxiously awaiting the return of that. ‘Veep’ is a funny show. I want to get a guest-star on ‘Veep.’ And, of course, everybody likes ‘Game of Thrones.’

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China Central TV visited the Castle set during the filming of 6×17. They show us around Castle’s apartment and has brief interviews with Stana, Seamus and Penny. Contains minor spoilers.


CASTLE had an unexpected week off, but the show returns this Monday with a brand new episode…and it just happens to dive a bit into Beckett’s modeling past.

In “Dressed to Kill” an assistant at MODERN FASHION is killed, so Beckett and Castle are called to investigate. Unfortunately for Kate, she needs to speak with MODERN FASHION boss Matilda King (a very DEVIL WEARS PRADA-esque/Anna Wintour-like woman), whom Beckett has a history with.

I spoke with CASTLE guest star — and fan of the show! — Frances Fisher (Matilda) to get a little more info about the hour…

How did this guest spot come to be? Were you familiar with CASTLE before they called?
Frances Fisher: Yes, I was familiar with the show and I loved it. I loved the relationship between [Beckett] and [Castle]. He has so many expressions, and they’re just so funny. I love the banter between them.

So I got the offer, I read the script, I thought this would be great fun to play a role like this with them. And I said yes!

That’s fantastic. Since you’re playing a fashion mogul, did you get the chance to do any prep into that world before you started filming?
FF: I did a little research online about fashion editors and things like that. But it happened very quickly. I think I got the offer and then went into wardrobe for photos we had to do for the episode to put on the wall [in the MODERN FASHION office]. I was very busy with all that stuff, so we just kind of jumped in.

What can you share about her past with Beckett?
FF: They did have a relationship in the past when [Beckett] was modeling, and I asked her to model for me and she said no.

Are there any flashbacks? Or are we just told about what went down then?
FF: It’s still alive in Matilda, what happened, so it’s referenced. There isn’t an actual flashback.

How are things like when they reunite. Is Matilda wary of Beckett?
FF: I wouldn’t say wary. They come to investigate a murder, the murder of my assistant, so there’s that present situation we have to deal with. And the past is something that’s there, but it isn’t brought into the present, because there are more urgent things happening.

What’s Matilda’s reaction to Castle?
FF: Well, there’s a circumstance present; I mean, he’s a good looking man with a sense of humor. You can imagine what her reaction would be if there wasn’t someone asking her about a murder. [Laughs]

Does she have any thoughts about him and Beckett being a couple, especially since she knew Beckett before Castle came into her life?
FF: No, I don’t think that’s addressed. The murder investigation trumps everything else.

That’s fair. Did you get to share screentime with everyone? Or was it primarily with a few actors?
FF: All my scenes were with Stana [Katic (Beckett)] and Nathan [Fillion (Castle)], which is exactly what I wanted to do. They were great.

Since you’re a fan of the show, were you able to meet the rest of the cast between filming scenes?
FF: I only saw the people I was working with. I would have loved to meet everyone, of course, but there was no time the way the script was structured.

That makes sense. What was your favorite part of the experience?
FF: I love acting, so actually doing the work was great, but I loved the time in between [filming]. I loved getting to know Stana. As we were waiting for the setups and stuff, we had some great conversations. She’s very astute, with a great sense of humor, and a wonderful person. And I really liked getting to know her.

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“Castle” Writer And Consulting Producer Terri Miller On What Is To Come In Season 6

Well into its sixth season, Castle is doing better than ever in ratings and recently won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Crime Drama for the third year in a row.  With its main couple getting ready to tie the knot, the show continues to succeed in bringing back its viewers.

Terri Miller, writer and current consulting producer for the show, has worked on the show alongside the showrunner, her husband Andrew Marlowe, since its inception in 2009. Miller spoke to Emertainment Monthly about the rest of the season, live-tweeting with fans, and her experience working on the show.

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) have been engaged for half of the season and have mentioned looking for wedding venues; does the writing team know when more plans will happen, or even when a date will be set?

We have a pretty good idea but it’s all dependent on how our stories develop.

Do you feel that Castle is beyond any threat of the Moonlighting curse for good?

I don’t believe in “The Moonlighting Curse.” It’s based on a faulty premise that the show ended because David & Maddie hooked up. The show ended for a number of reasons. Personally, I was a huge fan of Moonlighting and was disappointed when it was taken off the schedule. But if you believe in the curse, I would say, we’re way beyond that.

3XK left a pretty sinister note in song form for Castle and Beckett at the end of “Disciple”; are plans in the works to bring that storyline up again any time soon, or to bring back Michael Mosley for the role?

3XK is insidious and pops up when you least expect it. I wouldn’t turn your back on him.

Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) has also made herself pretty notorious this season for moving in with Pi (Myko Olivier) and calling her father out in “Get a Clue”; what was the motivation behind that direction for her?

Like all of our characters, Alexis has grown and changed since the audience met her when she was 14. She’s in her sophomore year of college and she’s discovering her independence, exploring her boundaries and like all young men and women her age, testing her relationships. Our motivation was to challenge her character and tell the story of her evolution as an integral part of the evolution of the Castle family.

You live-tweet with the rest of the fandom during episodes; what is that experience like, in terms of direct audience feedback?

I love live-tweeting with the fandom. It’s a bit like broadcasting in front of a live studio audience, except while live-tweeting the audience can give you a shout out, or shout at you during the performance. It’s kind of exciting to see the tweets where people react emotionally to moments I’ve hoped would evoke their exact responses. It’s also surprising to see how people react to moments I did not expect to have a particular sort of impact. I also enjoy being able to answer some of their behind-the-scene questions.

What kind of vibe do the writer’s have, having come through five seasons and successfully gotten a television couple together?

We all feel lucky to be a part of this show. It continues to be exciting and challenging creatively for all of us.  We’re lucky to have the talent in the cast and crew to help create the chemistry that keeps us going, not only with Castle & Beckett, but between Ryan & Esposito, Gates, Lanie, Alexis and Martha. And it’s a lot of fun to produce our show with our exceptionally talented crew for such a passionate and engaged fandom.

Going into the second half of the season, is there anything you can talk about, where it’s going or what next year will bring?

I think you’ll see a lot of action, drama and fun as Castle and Beckett plan their wedding. We’re hoping to create more stories spotlighting Gates, Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, Martha and Alexis.

Lastly, what is your favorite thing about working on the show?

I love writing, honing the scripts but my favorite part of working on the show has always been the production process. I love working with the various creative departments to figure out the practicalities of production, location scouting, costumes, set design, props, hair and make-up and casting. It’s gratifying to see how the actors and directors elevate the writing in production. We end up rewriting in the editing room and creating the moments with music, sound and our editing patterns. It’s creating a product out of whole cloth and then showing it, having the audience feel something, relate to or look at the world in a different way that I find most exciting.

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James Brolin reprises his role as Richard Castle’s long-absent father, C.I.A. operative Jackson Hunt, on the Jan. 13 episode of ABC’s Castle (10/9c). And during this visit, he meets his son’s fiancé, Kate, and reunites with Castle’s mother, Martha, for the first time since Castle’s conception. If Jackson seems a bit darker and more mysterious this time around, there’s good reason: That’s just how Brolin demanded it.

TV Guide Magazine: Who is Jackson in your mind?
James Brolin: I feel very clear about him not being your ideal person in life. He’s saved a lot of lives and done the world a lot of good — because he loves to kill. I like the simile to [Showtime's serial killer] Dexter, although Dexter does it illegally and Jackson is hired by America.

TV Guide Magazine: Is it true that you and your wife, Barbra Streisand, were Castle fans before you took the role?
Brolin: No. We had seen the show, but we peruse them all. There are very few shows we have to physically be home to see. 24 was and now Homeland has gotten us. I also enjoyed Hostages and like The Blacklist. My wife’s glued to Downton Abbey and likes Revenge, but I find that repetitious. My wife and I are famous for throwing out the next line, because writers get into a habit of writing the same show every week.

TV Guide Magazine: You got to work with Susan Sullivan this time around.
Brolin: We have a nice scene where you can feel us being pulled together, and yet she’s going “f— you” at the same time. But the reality is these two had a one-night-stand, he left and found out years later there was a kid. I mean, Clint Eastwood did this 11 times.

TV Guide Magazine: Does Jackson experience even a moment of sentimentality being with his son’s family?
Brolin: Yes. I think feelings come up. As I’m leaving this whole mess, there’s a moment where he thinks, “I wonder what it would be like to be having dinner with my family.” But no, I’m bloodthirsty.

TV Guide Magazine: What has been your experience with TV over the past few years?
Brolin: I believe I’ve done five episodics over the last 10 years. I did them because I was paid so well, and I got the scripts in advance and I approved. I’ve only in my life done two scripts that I hadn’t read in advance. One was The West Wing, and I was screwed royally. What we talked about was not what my character and arc were. I said, “I trust you guys; you’re the greatest writers,” and then they destroyed the role. I said I would never do that again.

TV Guide Magazine: Would you ever return to television on a weekly basis?
Brolin: Yeah, if somebody wanted to sit down and listen to a couple of ideas — which I’m not going to tell you — that would be interesting. Or if I were offered something that wasn’t fluff. I’d like to sit down with [Breaking Bad creator] Vince Gilligan and ask, “What can we do together that would make you some money, Vince?”

TV Guide Magazine:, I wanted to ask about your memories of your previous series, Marcus Welby, M.D. and Hotel. Did you stay in touch with your co-stars, the late Robert Young and Connie Selleca?
Brolin: I never had dinner with Robert Young once. Never. He was very private. Never a problem, but there was a “pheasant-under-glass” element to him. If he wasn’t working, he’d be locked in his trailer with curtains pulled. In the morning in makeup, we were very careful not to ask him a question because that would lead to one hour of monologue. Connie is the greatest. Every summer, she and [husband] John Tesh rent in Malibu so we’ll see them around town.

TV Guide Magazine: In its sixth season, Castle and Beckett are on their way to the altar. When you were on Hotel, they managed to keep you and Connie Sellecca apart for all five seasons. What advice would you give to the Castle writers?
Brolin:Hotel was smart enough to always leave the anticipation going that any minute something was going to happen. And near the end of Marcus Welby‘s run, we were really hurting in the ratings. They decided to get my character married. I wanted to get Farrah Fawcett, but they felt she couldn’t act. So we bring in Pamela Hensley. The night we were married was maybe the highest-rated show we’d ever had. Number one. And the next week we dropped to like number 79 or something. Anticipation rules. So keep dangling the carrot and make it sexy!

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Stana Katic knows Castle fans have much on their minds as Season 6 returns with new episodes tonight on ABC. Is the 3XK killer really back? When will wedding bells ring for our favorite writer/cop duo? Will Castle and his now-grown daughter Alexis find their way back to good? What she doesn’t know — the answers to those questions.

“I would love to tease this or that, but most of the time, I’m in the dark right along with the viewers!” Katic laughs. Still, she says, she trusts the show’s writers to keep the fans and the Castle cast happily on their toes each week.

“I expect nothing less,” Katic says emphatically. “They’re storytellers, and the concept of complacency and mediocrity is not acceptable. Everyone’s just got to bring their A game. And they do it!”

We quizzed Katic about her thoughts on Season 6 thus far.

Channel Guide Magazine: Have the writers told you the entirety of Beckett’s reaction to hearing “I’ll Be Seeing You” on the USB Drive in Dr. Niemann’s pen? Because Andrew Marlowe has suggested that it may have more meaning for Beckett than just Tyson…

Stana Katic: No, but I love hearing it from you. Thank you! [laughs]

CGM: You’ve also had the rather miraculous situation — especially these days — of retaining nearly all of Castle’s core cast members since the show began. What’s it like having these long-term relationships off set in terms of portraying the ongoing relationships onscreen?

SK: It’s quite sweet actually. Everyone has challenges as the characters progress and it’s nice to have a history of storytelling together that we can all lean on so that if need be we can deepen the stories or throw in something interesting and fun in addition to what’s written. I think it only benefits and elevates each story to have the length of time working together that we all do.

CGM: Are you pleased with the pace and the fashion in which Beckett and Castle were brought together and how their becoming a couple and then a public couple really hasn’t changed the fundamentals of who these characters are, both on and off the job?

SK: You know, we have a model called The Thin Man, which is a really fun movie series — a series of films back in the day. It’s a really old reference but I think it’s really appropriate for this story in some ways. And we also have references like His Girl Friday.

All of these are really old references, but we are always stealing from the references that I am mentioning. And first of all, I think the story could not continue without the two of them getting together like they did. We just would not have been able to keep fans’ suspension of disbelief that much longer because the characters had been through so much together.

So I think it’s wonderful and I think it’s important that those characters stay who they are despite the fact that they are together. That’s what drew them together in the first place. So I think they’ve done a nice job of trying to keep that balance. And it’s tough! It’s not easy. There are a lot of characters to service. There are a lot of storylines to take time with. So that’s a really difficult juggling act to do day in and day out.

CGM: This season has also allowed the viewers to really delve into Ryan (Seamus Deaver) and Esposito’s (Jon Huertas) characters and their partnership and personal relationships — has that been fun for you to watch and be a part of, as well?

SK: Oh absolutely! I’ve been an advocate for a while! … All of those characters are wonderful and the actors that play them are truly fantastic. I recently saw Jon, for instance, put together a short film with Tamala [Jones, who plays Huertas’ onscreen love interest, medical examiner Lanie Parish) and they were beautiful. They were film stars. So it’s nice to be able to work with people that are that passionate and that committed to the art of storytelling. And each one of them deserves moments to shine.

CGM: One of my favorite things about the first half of Season 6 is also how complete Alexis’ transformation from a teenager to a woman has become — and watching Molly Quinn portray that. What’s it been like for you seeing her grow up and evolve in the role?

SK: I think that the character is a woman now and I think that the relationship between a father and a daughter is always something that’s sacred and will always affect the choices that a daughter makes for her future. And I like the way the writers have navigated that trajectory. I think it’s a sweet story.

CGM: Do you appreciate the subtlety with which Beckett’s and Alexis’ relationship has been handled, as Beckett and Castle grow closer?

SK: I’ve met a few people on set that have children and are divorced and would love to find a new relationship, and that’s tough — because the person coming into the relationship has to be respectful of a much deeper combination which is a parent and a child. So I think that they have — I hope that they have — done a good job of showing that the character Beckett recognizes the importance of the father-daughter relationship, and even the daughter and her mother, who is played by Darby Stanchfield, one of the regulars on Scandal. That’s territory that you can’t walk into. And why would you? She’s a wonderful woman, Molly’s character. Her relationship with her father is tremendous, and I think that Beckett only serves as a potential friend in the end. If Molly’s character would ever need anything, Kate can serve as a friend.

CGM: Since you’ve all worked together for six seasons, are the show’s writers open to the actors’ input on their characters and their motivations?

SK: To Andrew Marlowe’s credit, he’s a wonderful showrunner. I really love working with him. And he always leaves his door open for dialog. And that is something that is unusual in his role. And it’s great, because each actor feels like they have some sort of a part and a voice in the creative process. Now that doesn’t mean that every suggestion that we make — like interrogating mimes — is taken. But at least there’s a dialog and there’s an opportunity for it, if need be.

CGM: I’ve read a number of things that are potentially looming — James Brolin is back as Jackson Hunt in what sounds like a larger storyline, and Senator Bracken with that “life favor” remark is still dangling out there …

SK: I don’t know what is happening with Senator Bracken — or if something is happening with Senator Bracken — but James Brolin is coming back. We just wrapped on his storyline and it was quite wonderful working with him.

CGM: Castle fans are so passionate about the show. What do you hear most often when you encounter them?

SK: There are a lot of people that have found a mentorship in the Beckett character — that’s truly something I hear a lot, and of course, I would because I’m playing the character. [laughs] I find that a lot of young women were emboldened to do something that they wanted to do because of the Beckett character. Which is I think is wonderful! It’s very inspiring to hear. It’s nice to play somebody that possibly other people to reach their goals and be bold and dream.

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