Warning: Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

CASTLE returns with a bang for its first episode of 2014, “Under Fire”: not only are Ryan and Esposito’s lives in danger, but Ryan’s wife, Jenny, is very, very, very pregnant.

To get a little bit more info about the hour, I spoke with reel- and real-life married couple, Seamus and Juliana Dever (Ryan and Jenny) about what’s going down…

The next hour is a big one for Jenny and Ryan! What can you tease about the episode?
Juliana Dever: It’s really dramatic — it’s a nail-biter! This is one where instead of going for the comedy, we’re going to put people on the edges of their seats.
[Ryan] and Esposito actually go to investigate an arsonist and get trapped in a burning building. And as soon as Jenny realizes that Ryan might not be by her side for the birth, she races to the crime scene, in labor, and refuses to leave. So it looks like she might have to have her baby right then and there. And she really wants [her husband] to be there, but it looks like he might not be, and he might not even make it out alive to see a child grow up.
Seamus Dever: A real light episode, basically.

Did you have to do a lot of stunts for the episode, Seamus?
SD: Yeah, a few. I don’t know if you’d call them a stunt. There’s a fine line of a stunt and “do I fall down a bunch?” you know? [Laughs] Anybody can fall down. You don’t have to bring in a specialist for that. A few things, here and there.
It was dirty. It was a very dirty episode. By the end, we were all exhausted, we left everything out there on the floor. We wanted our best effort out there, because they were giving us this opportunity to do something really cool, and for Esposito and Ryan, we’ve never done before.
I think you’re going to see some growing of the bromance here. And maybe, my favorite Esposito/Ryan moment of all time. I think it’s going to be good.

Nice. We haven’t seen too much of the pregnancy on-screen thus far, so aside from the dangerous case, will we be digging into some of the fun baby things like names, how they’re going to raise him/her, etc?
JD: You’ll definitely hear some conversations about it, but it may not be in the way you think.
SD: We’re talking about what the name of the baby is going to be because we don’t necessarily know the sex of the child, so Castle is trying to pitch some names.
JD: And we all know his taste in naming babies. Cosmo!
SD: So [the rest of the team] puts their two cents in.

Well, Castle does have a normal-named child with Alexis…but I am surprised he’s not throwing in Richard or something like that as his choice.
JD: I think Alexis’ mom had something to do with her normal name. [Laughs]
SD: Maybe she had some influence.

Aside from this fire situation with this particular case, is there any concern about this family’s safety? After all, 3XK is on the loose…
SD: Well, we just finished ["Under Fire"], so as far as the future goes for Kevin and Jenny, I can’t tell you what’s going to be happening. There is always the 3XK. He’s always had something to do with all of us, and the last time he came around, it was very personal for Esposito and Lanie, so we’ll see if he hits home again like that. That mythology keeps growing, who knows who it will impact next.

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Warning: Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

On January 6, Castle returns with murder, arson and a brand new bouncing baby Ryan.

In anticipation of the 2014 premiere, TV Fanatic jumped on the phone with both Seamus and Juliana Dever, the husband and wife team who portray Kevin and Jenny Ryan, respectively, to discuss why Kevin may miss the birth of his child and whether or not we can expect more Ryan babies in the future…

It sounds as though Jenny’s due date has been moved up to January 6th and the spoilers for Castle Season 6 Episode 11 say that Ryan may not make the delivery.
Juliana: It’s far more dramatic than you might expect. It’s one of those things where Kevin and Jenny have always planned that Kevin will be there with her in the hospital when this happens. It turns out that he gets trapped in a burning building with Esposito and Jenny rushes, in labor to be by his side rather than go to the hospital. So there’s a great concern about whether Kevin is going to be there for the delivery, but even bigger is will he even be there to see his child.

With all the drama in their lives, does Jenny ever resent that Kevin’s job puts him in such danger?
Juliana: I don’t know that it’s resent. She’s known from the beginning that she was dating a detective and that there was always peril involved with that. So she kind of knew what she was getting in to. But as everybody saw in “The Wild Rover” (Castle Season 5 Episode 18) when he had to go undercover and leave her alone for however long that was. That was a really tough time for both of them. I think she knows it kind of comes with the territory. She sometimes wishes he was not in so much danger but I think she knows what she’s in for. 

Seamus, do you think Ryan finally feels as though he’s ready to be a Dad?
Seamus: I hope so. After a lot of practice and after a lot of wrangling and probably annoying everybody at work with his concerns, I think he’s ready at this point. They had a nice discussion the last episode (Castle Season 6 Episode 10) with Esposito about how at least he’s there and Esposito’s dad was never there. That sort of thing. So, Ryan’s trying. There’s probably going to be bumps in the road but I think that he’s pretty much ready. 

Will we be seeing more of Jenny this season?
Juliana: We never know until it happens but we hope so. We’ve got a baby to raise. That’s if Kevin makes it out alive… so there’s that wrinkle. 

After all of this do you think the Ryans will have more children?
Juliana: Assuming that there’s a Kevin around, they are an Irish Catholic family. I would assume they wouldn’t just have an only child. I’m sure they’re looking to add a couple of children to their family.

Seamus: Every Irish Catholic family we know has at least four kids so maybe it’s possible.

If you could play one famous couple together, who would it be?
Seamus: Oh Wow. Good question. Who would it be?

Juliana: You know we haven’t spent a lot of time playing that game.

Seamus: I don’t know. Would it be….Napoleon and Josephine or…

Juliana: Anthony and Cleopatra.

Seamus: Maybe one of those sorts of things.

Juliana: Something historical and epic!

Seamus: Yeah, it would definitely be historical and epic.

Juliana: And complicated.

Seamus: And beyond that we’re going to have to think about it.

Juliana, how exactly did you end up being a part of the Castle family?
Juliana: Seamus has been there from the start and the rumors are true. Everyone that works on Castle, it’s a pretty tight knit group. It’s a real family. As soon as he was there, I was there kind of getting to know everybody and getting to love everybody and vice versa, I hope? But I auditioned for several roles and at the time that Kevin started talking about his girlfriend. Seamus brought that up and lobbied for that.

They wanted to write something for me where I didn’t just have one episode, where I showed up as a lawyer and that was it. They wanted something where I could continue to recur. It kind of was that perfect idea of that if he’s going to have a girlfriend why not make that the character that Juliana is part of.  So they kind of brought me in and I’ve been his girlfriend, fiancee, wife, ever since.

Juliana, is there someone on the show that you really haven’t had the chance to interact with that you’d like to share more scenes?
Seamus: Juliana was just saying how it’s been kind of fun. That you get to do some stuff with Lanie, or with Tamala. There’s not been much interaction with her so that was kind of fun.

Juliana: I mean so often when I come on it’s just usually Seamus and I in the precinct so I’m always with Stana and Nathan and Jon. “The Wild Rover” was actually fantastic because it was the first time I had a scene that didn’t involve Seamus at all. I was like, I’m going to work, babe. Going to work on Castle. And he was like, I’ll stay home with the dogs. It was fun and it was wonderful and I think the fans loved that as well that there was a little bit more girl power at the time. But this time, I was loving it.

I virtually had no scenes whatsoever with Seamus. We had different work hours and I got to spend a lot of quality time with Tamala which is always a joy and of course some time with Stana and Nathan. That in itself was great. If I had more time I would love to spend it…I think I saw everyone but Susan Sullivan. I dearly love Susan. She’s always telling me she’s adopting me but I haven’t gotten my papers yet.

Seamus: Yeah, they’re in the mail, I think.

You mentioned your dogs and I know you are both big supporters of animal rescue. How did you get involved with that?
Juliana: Our very first dog, I think it was some sort of weird, cosmic thing where one day we decided we wanted a dog but we didn’t know if we could commit. So we thought we’d foster. Out of the blue I called someone just to see if she wanted me to watch her dog and she was like, it’s so weird that you called because my partner actually just sprung a dog today and they have no where for it to go.

So I called a complete stranger and said I think I’d like to foster this dog. And it was just meant to be. He was just a curmudgeonly little street dog who needed a home and we didn’t want him to spend his senior years trying to get adopted out when he was apparently enjoying our place. So that’s how it all started. With our little guy, George and we haven’t looked back. He passed away in 2009 and we rescued another dog pretty quickly after that. We still have two rescued dogs with us right now.

Seamus, your Twitter fans want to know, where did your tie knot obsession come from?
Seamus: It’s out of boredom. Most things in my life grow out of boredom of doing that same thing over and over and I look for something different. Except for marriage. Marriage is awesome. I’m a one woman guy. But my knots, I just got bored of tying a Windsor and I thought there’s got to be other ways. It turns out that there’s 87 other ways to tie a tie. So I did some research and I think on the show I’ve managed to get about 20 out. After a while though they start getting repetitive and you realize that even though there’s 87 different ways there’s really only 3 different ways to tie a tie and the rest are just variations. Yeah, it’s just boredom. 

Anything else you can tease us about going into the rest of the season?
Seamus: We’re about to head into our annual two-parter and I hope that I have something to do with that because they’re always a lot of fun and the stakes are always really high. So we’ll see what happens with that and hopefully for the rest of the year we’ll find out a little bit more about Ryan being a father and we’ll see some more of Jenny around.

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Warning: Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Castle (Nathan Fillion) and daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) are on the outs on ABC’s Castle, but things won’t stay sour for long for this beloved father-daughter duo, according to executive producer and creator Andrew Marlowe.

In fact, Monday’s episode will delve deep into the issues they’re facing in light of his engagement and tackle head-on how his upcoming union with Beckett will affect their small family unit.

Marlowe teases that and SO much more (like a baby…) in the following Q&A.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk first about Castle and Alexis. They’re not in a good place right now.
ANDREW MARLOWE: What we want to do is present an honest relationship between them. She’s growing up; she’s looking for freedom. The way she’s going about it, she thinks she’s being mature. From Castle’s point of view, it isn’t necessarily the best decision. So it was kind of like everybody’s right and everybody’s wrong. These two are facing challenges, and, to me, these challenges are deeply rooted in the Castle/Beckett relationship. It’s no mistake that she showed up with [Pi, guest star Myko Olivier] right after Castle and Beckett got engaged. What’s nice is that this week’s episode is our first good, big step towards healing the Castle/Alexis relationship. Of course, Beckett, in terms of being engaged to Castle, has to struggle with how she fits into the family. I think she knows where she fits in with Castle, but where does she fit in with Alexis? Where does she fit in with these two people who have spent so much time together and have been such a unit? So it gives us really good territory to explore.

Do Alexis and Beckett (Stana Katic) have a chat in the episode?
I think Alexis is struggling with it. I think both girls are polite, so I don’t think fans should expect a yelling match. We don’t like to go soap here — “You stole my father!” “You’re being immature!” I think we present a more sophisticated version that’s, hopefully, just as satisfying and moving.

Has the Pi hate surprised you?
No, because he’s the character we’re supposed to love to hate. And I think from Alexis’ point of view, the audience can understand why she’s attracted to him. And anybody who is a father can understand why Castle does not have necessarily happy feelings towards Pi. But I think it’s complicated. I think there’s a group of fans who just want us to deal with the engagement and don’t want any distractions and don’t understand why we’re spending time with Alexis. But we have plenty of time to deal with the significant engagement and the pressures on our characters as we move into the spring. But sometimes when you make choices in life there are unintended consequences, and I don’t think Castle necessarily saw the unintended consequence of his engagement to Beckett [and didn't anticipate] it causing a bit of a backlash with his daughter as they’re both trying to find their new roles in the universe and in each other’s lives.

I don’t get the hate for the storyline, but I will say if my sister came home with Pi, it would really be my nightmare come true.
It’s kind of every father’s nightmare. And by the way, Pi is probably a really nice guy. But, you know, as somebody who has children who has come home with people, you try to be generous. They’re probably great, but it’s not what you imagine and, by the way, it gets in the way of your relationship with that person because they’re growing up and they’re changing. And Castle is growing up a little bit too and things are changing with him. So not to present those stresses feels dishonest. And we’re at the point where Castle and Beckett are settling into their engagement and the big questions about the date and the guest list and all of that sort of stuff that we hope to play around with in spring. Because those aren’t looming over their heads right at this moment, we felt like we had an opportunity to present something that was interesting that was going to challenge a couple of our characters and make them grow. And also, by the way, make Beckett grow because she’s not just marrying a guy. She’s marrying into a family.

They were spending a lot of time at each other’s places last season and this season. When are we going to see them actually move in together? And address those formalities?
More and more as we go along. And in the episode “Murder Is Forever” [airing Nov. 11], where we have a relationship therapist who’s murdered, there’s a [part of the episode] that confronts exactly that — what is the dance that you do when you start cohabitating with someone, when you start taking those first steps, when you’re sleeping over often and suddenly a place that has always been somebody’s personal space becomes a shared space? What negotiations do you have to do? So [in the episode] Beckett starts to not-so-subtly express her desire for some changes. And of course, Castle feels a little bit invaded, like when you date a guy in your 20s and you start dating this girl and she starts spending some time over and maybe she doesn’t like your Star Wars posters or maybe she wants to put candles in the bathroom. What does that look like and what does that look like to Castle and Beckett? So we have fun with that.

What else is coming up?
We go to some darker territory in November with, it seems, a serial killer who arises who seems to have a fixation on the Lanie character and maybe Esposito. [The killer] knows about their relationship. It’s an episode that has a number of surprising twists and challenges everybody at the 12th Precinct in a significant way. Then at the end of November, we have a really great fun, funny episode that starts in a very dramatic way. We have a victim who arrives at a church on a snowy day holding a bundle, and he’s been shot. As he struggles up the aisle, just before he collapses dead, he hands the priest a bundle that turns out to be a little baby boy. It’s not this guy’s baby; we don’t know whose baby it is. So Castle and Beckett end up being accidental nannies to this baby, and, of course having the baby in the precinct triggers all of Ryan’s (Seamus Dever) fears because he has one on the way. And we get to see Castle and Beckett playing house and taking a big step forward in their relationship.

This is a little different from a dog.
Yeah, this is no dog. It’s completely different. And through the course of the series so far, they haven’t talked about whether they want more kids. Does Castle want more kids? Does Beckett want kids? We kind of brought it up in the time-travel episode about their future, so we touched it there. And we get to have a real good bite of that [again] and find out how folks feel.

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When Stana Katic visited New York City last week to talk up Castle as well as her punk rockin’ movie CBGB, TVLine didn’t dare miss a chance to seek out her take on the dissolution of Kate Beckett’s sweet D.C. gig and the next issue to face the “Caskett” engagement.

Already in the latest episode of Spoiler Alert! (embedded below), Katic previewed the topic of Kate jumping right back into the NYPD (…or not) and how Alexis might rain on her dad’s parade. Here now is more from that conversation.

TVLINE | If Kate does wind up back at the NPD, would there be any “adjustment,” since Ryan and Esposito have kind of been “large and in charge” since she left?
It’s called “separation anxiety.” [Laughs] She has had a long period of being a valuable member of that team, so I’m sure that that group would benefit from having her back, because nobody in that group really functions as well as they do when everyone is together. I don’t know if the boys necessarily realize that, or think that, right away, but we’ll see.

TVLINE | That’s funny, because when I spoke to Jon [Huertas] and Seamus [Dever] at the start of the season, they both made a point of saying that the boys would be “doing fine” without Beckett.
They get more lines! [Laughs] That’s what it is.

TVLINE | Is Kate deflated at all, having been fired by McCord? Does she feel like this D.C. thing was ultimately a failure? That she was a failure?
Being fired from [the federal task force] is tough, because it was a dream job. And now I think the biggest deal for her — because she’s kind of defined herself by always fighting for the weak, fighting for the victim, fighting for justice — is that she’s left out in Nowhereland. She has nothing to attach herself to [and] she’s kind of not sure where she stands with things because she’s defined herself so much by [her job].

TVLINE | What are she and Rick going to do about living arrangements? They don’t get to enjoy that shiny new D.C. apartment….
I know. And I thought that was a really sweet moment, for the two of them.

TVLINE | …and as you have previously noted, Rick’s place these days is “like Union Station.”
Yeah, there’s a lot of traffic going through it. They’ll be dealing with the living situation, mingling their space, later on down the road, but this next episode has to do with Castle getting into a bit of trouble and Kate having to kind of get back into the good graces of the people that she’s worked with in the past.

TVLINE | Alexis is “acting out” some in the wake of the engagement, with this whole Pi thing. Would you want a scene where Kate and Alexis talked it through?
I think that this is a matter for a father and daughter, and a daughter knows that no matter what the father is, he’s going to be the same, in spite of the fact that he’s entering into a new relationship. When we were playing those scenes [where Kate and Rick grow more serious], I was always aware of what would it mean for a person who’s coming into a relationship where there are children already involved. And Alexis is not even a child anymore, she’s a woman, you know? So how do you kind of navigate that? I think that the way that they built the story, Kate is really respectful of that adjustment and aware of what needs to happen in order to make everybody feel safe in the end.

TVLINE | Lastly, a lot of people enjoy the Kate and Lanie scenes, as two girlfriends. Yet we haven’t seen them together since the engagement. Do they have any scenes coming up?
Yes. Yes, there are a few coming up, and some of them actually revolve around Alexis and Castle figuring out what the next kind of version of their world will be.

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ABC’s Castle is (ostensibly!) head for a wedding.

The ABC drama (Mondays at 10/9c) opened Season 6 with Kate joyfully accepting Rick’s marriage proposal — the second major decision she had made, after choosing to trade her NYPD detective’s badge for a sweet gig on a federal task force based out of D.C.

During TVLine’s visit to the Castle set, Stana Katic shared her thoughts on Beckett’s doubly exciting new future, the complications “Caskett” must now contend with and the possibility of elopement. Also: Do Rick and Kate = Romeo and Juliet?

TVLINE | Did you have any concerns when you first learned this marriage proposal/job choice storyline was coming up at the end of last season?
No. I thought that this was the appropriate trajectory for the character. And I think it’s also a current topic, something that’s relatable for a lot of women today. Women are in the work force and are balancing a career and a home in ways that 30, 40 years ago people wouldn’t have tried — and they’re successful at it.

TVLINE | But you definitely didn’t want to see Beckett consider forgoing the job in the name of the relationship. You had a quote out there, that’d it make her a “loser.”
[Laughs] That was the extreme version of it, yes. But real relationships are not compromised because one person is having success in their career. Real relationships are compromised because of other things that are exclusive to problems that the individuals have. And if you can’t cross over the hurdle of “How are we going to make this work, while you’re having success in your career,” there are going to be SO many other hurdles that are more potent, more powerful and more important, that it doesn’t really make sense to continue that relationship. If I had a partner who had a level of success and needed to transfer to China or Paris in order to fulfill a personal dream, I would support that wholeheartedly. The wonderful thing about the characters we’re playing is that one is a writer, and that’s not exactly a one-city job. You can transit.

TVLINE | That’s what I said last spring — what, he can’t work out of a Georgetown loft?
Yeah. And it’s not like D.C. and New York are Dubai and London.

TVLINE | Did you feel like Season 5′s last run of episodes was completely organic? Rick basically stepped on a bomb for Kate and then she’s nearly kissing Ioan Gruffudd, and not being 100-percent open about the job…. Did that track for you as an actress?
I don’t feel like she kissed Ioan; I feel like he kissed her. And I was hoping that what would come across was that she was dedicated to the relationship with Castle, but at that point maybe the real question of that story was that Castle wasn’t necessarily aware of the great thing that he had and was distracted. And the distractions kind of became a priority.

TVLINE | He was choosing videogames over vo-dee-oh-doh-doh.
[Laughs] Yes, he was choosing videogames over the girl in his shirt.

TVLINE | Andrew Marlowe told me this will be a season of complications.
Which is exciting, actually, because I think they’re willing to take storytelling risks this season — and I think we’ve got to. We’ve got to shake it up. It was really nice Castle Season 6 Spoilerslast season when the two characters were in a relationship, but as a consequence of the move they’re having a hard time navigating those waters. But, what’s really great is that they both want to work it out. I think Castle comes from a wonderful viewpoint on it. He understands that he’s the writer, and I feel like his character is really supporting of his partner’s career progression and dreams. People are supposed to help each other grow; that’s MY version of hopefully what a relationship does in the end, and I think that these two characters do that. It’s not always easy but they’re in it together. And when you’re in it together and you say, “OK, I want you to grow, and we’ll get through all the obstacles,” that shows a certain amount of strength and a wonderful future for those two people.

TVLINE | Meanwhile, in D.C., on the new job…. Is Beckett completely in her element, or is there a learning curve?

There’s a bit of a learning curve. She’s making some rookie mistakes, and she wants to prove herself to her new partner and mentor, played by Lisa Edelstein. Lisa is awesome. We’ve really clicked, and I’ve quite enjoyed playing opposite her. She asks interesting questions, and she’s always pushing the story to create the best possible version of the story.

TVLINE | How would you describe the Beckett/McCord dynamic?

The initial dynamic is that McCord is the tough, high expectations STANA KATIC, LISA EDELSTEINmentor, and Beckett on paper is great but she’s going to have to prove it. These two people have to protect each other out in the field, and the consequences are death. McCord needs to know that Beckett can fulfill that role, because it’s that high of stakes. McCord’s not her bestie right away, but they grow into an interesting kind of partnership throughout the second episode [of Edelstein's three-episode arc]. Again, the stakes are global at this point. It’s not concentrated exclusively to New York City, and that’s challenging for Beckett in a different way. Some of this is stuff we’ve seen her do for five seasons. She know show to interrogate people, she knows how to go for the truth….

TVLINE | …but her skill set thus far has been a bit localized.
Yeah, and this is different. Yeah, this is a bigger scope, the macrocosm.

TVLINE | Have you heard anything about Senator Bracken (played by Jack Coleman) coming back?
Yes, he will come back – but I don’t know when, and I don’t know how.

TVLINE | I ask because some fans had the theory that he could figure into this D.C. storyline….
Yeah, there’s an interesting kind of mythology in that respect. For me, the main element [of Castle] is their love story, these two characters and what they mean to each other and how they come together and how they’ve grown. And then there’s the world around them with friends and relatives and all of that. But that’s all set against this backdrop of mythologies that we have left out there, and this is a great season for us to either resolve of further delve into some of those. One of them is the Bracken story, and another is Castle’s father — both high-stakes scenarios. And you wonder sometimes, why did these two people come together? Sometimes when we meet someone, it feels like we’re together because there’s a bigger cosmic purpose, and I wonder if there isn’t an even bigger thing than just the two of them really enjoying each other. Do you know what I mean? Like with Romeo and Juliet, they got together, they’re crazy about each other, but in the end their story changed everything for everyone around them.

TVLINE | So, maybe Kate and Rick being together was somehow a necessary piece for her to ever get closure on her mother’s murder? Like a “sliding doors” thing — if Castle had chosen a different muse, maybe you never find Bracken.
Possibly. And maybe Castle never finds his father? Maybe these two people are together not just because they fulfill each other, which I think they do, but also because the two of them were destined to be together. I don’t know if I believe in destiny, but maybe in this story it is there, because [their coming together] righted a lot of wrongs. That’d be interesting. It’d be exciting to explore.

TVLINE | Lastly, we of course have to talk about the presumably eventual wedding. TVLine reader Susan wanted to ask: “Would you like to see Kate and Rick elope?”
[Smiles] I think I’d like to see the lead-up to [the wedding]. I’d like to see the complications of putting two families and all of their opinions together in one event. I think weddings are fabulous fodder for comedy, so I’d very much like to see that!

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McCastle, anyone?

Although Castle‘s titular novelist and his fiancée Kate’s D.C. partner didn’t get off on the best foot in the ABC drama’s Season 6 premiere, looming death has a way of changing things. Lisa Edelstein spoke with TVLine about her three-episode arc and how scene partner Stana Katic impressed her, as well as reflected on Dr. Cuddy’s unplanned House exit.

TVLINE | Were you familiar at all with Castle going in?
I’d heard about it but I hadn’t watched it, so I watched a bunch of episodes when they called me. My mother’s a big fan, so I did it for my mother. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I saw the photos that you and Stana tweeted from the set. The two of you became fast friends.
She’s great. I really didn’t want to do an arc on a show without really investing as much as I could in it, or else it’s not worth it. You know what I mean? So I walked onto that show with a lot of ideas, really wanting to create a real character and a real world, and Stana was psyched, which was just great.

TVLINE | Yeah — she said the same thing to me about you.
That’s so nice. So nice. I really enjoyed working with her. Look, I was on her show, so it could go many different directions when you’re that particular. Especially since it was the first episode back and the whole crew was starting anew, and there I was jumping in side-by-side with her. I was really happy she was so gracious.

TVLINE | McCord thus far has been a little exasperated with Mr. Castle. Is that going to change at all now that he’s, you know, on death’s doorstep, having been exposed to a chemical weapon?
Yeah, looming death, impending doom, it sort of changes the dynamic of things, and I think McCord allows for some leeway in terms of Castle’s participation [in the Valkyrie investigation]. Because how could you really say no to someone trying to stop themselves from dying?

TVLINE | Plus, he’s now like a piece of evidence.
And he’s a living, breathing piece of evidence — at least for another 24 hours!

TVLINE | Will this lead to any bonding between McCord and Beckett? I can imagine that Beckett might need someone to talk to about what she’s going through.
Yes — although neither one of these women are gabbers. And that’s what they like about each other. There is not a lot of requirement for warm, cushy conversation. They sort of both cut to the chase.

TVLINE | What about working with Nathan Fillion — how did you find him to be?
Hilarious. Just a good-natured fellow.

TVLINE | So it was kind of tough coming down hard on his character when you had to?
No, he can take it!

TVLINE | Did you experience any déjà vu there on Castle – you know, a Monday night drama featuring a “Will they, wont they” couple that finally got together?
Right. Yes. It is a little bit like “something” [Laughs], but I can’t remember what…. It’s been so long.

TVLINE | Well, speaking of House: Before you ever got wind of the way things were going to go, did you ever think that, when that series finale ever rolled around, it would be “happily ever after” for Cuddy and House?
Never. I always thought they would get together at some point — and I thought they probably should have pushed it a little sooner. I think they dragged it on for too long. But I never thought it would work.

TVLINE | And the way that it ended up totally not working, with him driving his car into her dining room — was that something you ever imagined?
I don’t think it was something anybody imagined. It was not the intention of the showrunner [for that to be Cuddy’s final appearance]. Maybe they should have rethought that a little, but that’s all right. It’ll live on in our imaginations.

TVLINE | Anything else you would like to say about your time on Castle?
I’m really happy I did it. I don’t know how many more times I could say, “Stop! Federal Agent! Drop your weapon!” in my life, but I did enjoy it.

TVLINE | And the door’s open for you to come back at some point, if needed?
Yes, they’ve always made that clear it’s just really a question of availability — and now I’m doing this new project [headlining Bravo’s The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce pilot, from Buffy scribe Marti Noxon], which I’m so excited about.

TVLINE | Yes, that seems like a really good fit for you. Marti’s terrific.
It’s a really fun project. And it’s so smart. It’s so much the modern problem of dealing with life after divorce, and its funny and its dark and its sassy. Marti’s a great writer, so I’m thrilled.

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Warning: This video reveals a major plot detail. Watch at your own risk or favorite to watch later. But just remember, you were warned.


[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from the Season 6 premiere of Castle. Read at your own risk.]

As promised, the Season 6 premiere of Castle wasted very little time resolving its Season 5 cliff-hanger.

After Beckett (Stana Katic) received an offer to work in Washington D.C., Castle (Nathan Fillion) became furious that Beckett kept the interview process a secret from him. But just when it seemed the pair was moving in different directions, Castle surprised Beckett — and viewers — by proposing! So, how did Beckett respond?

For now, it seems she’s having her cake and eating it too. That’s right, Beckett accepted Castle’s proposal but also took the job in D.C., where she was partnered with Rachel McCord (guest star Lisa Edelstein). But after jumping forward in time a few months, it became clear that it wasn’t smooth sailing for Beckett, who wasn’t exactly earning high marks during her training.

Things also were off with Castle, whom Beckett hadn’t spent any quality time with in several weeks. So, when he pops down to the nation’s capital for a surprise visit, Beckett is thrilled — until Castle sticks his nose into Beckett’s (classified) case. Not only does Castle earn the ire of McCord, but he also gets caught up in a conspiracy involving a biological weapon. Even worse? Castle has been infected and only has hours to live!

So, assuming Castle makes it out alive (duh!), how will the new engagement affect Castle and Beckett? And how will Beckett continue to struggle adjusting to how the feds do things in D.C.? TVGuide.com turned to Castle creator Andrew. W Marlowe for answers.

So Beckett accepts both the proposal and the job in D.C. Did you consider other outcomes?
Andrew Marlowe: We certainly considered all the other alternatives, but it felt to us that this was the most honest answer to both of the questions. You have two characters who really care about each other and were heading in this direction. So, if Beckett had said no [to Castle], it felt like it would have been a little artificial. I don’t think she would have been honest with herself. But if she said no to the job in D.C., it would also be a betrayal of who she was. We thought that this would give us some really interesting storytelling. In today’s society, contemporary couples really have to balance out career and family. It’s something that we wanted to tackle through our fun lens on Castle.

It also gives you a chance to make Kate a little vulnerable again at work. She’s not exactly her happiest when we jump forward a few months.
 She’s been the best of the best, and now she’s the new kid in school in D.C. She’s struggling to make it work, she’s struggling to fit in and she’s struggling to balance her personal and professional life, which is hard. She feels like she’s not doing either particularly well. She feels like she’s failing at her relationship with Castle. She feels like she’s failing at her job, and Castle is trying to figure it out. He’s pulled between family and this new relationship and two cities.

Will that be the thrust for the stories this season?
Marlowe: A lot of it will be figuring out, now that we’ve done this, is it the right thing? How are we going to make this work? There are some questions and concerns that they’ve been kicking down the road that I think they’ll have to confront this year.

Such as?
Marlowe: Let me put it this way, I think that there are things when you’re in a relationship that you know about each other, but once you escalate the relationship, there are new things that you find out about what you believe in. We haven’t talked about whether or not Castle wants kids. Does Beckett want kids? Are they going to get a place together? Is she going to move into the loft? Is he going to move into her place? There’s all sorts of practicalities but then there are going to be other challenges. But our initial challenge is: How are they going to make this relationship work long-distance? How are they going to try and balance it so everybody can have everything? Can they have everything or is somebody going to sacrifice something?
Of course, you also have McCord giving Beckett her two cents. How will their relationship develop?
Marlowe: Beckett is looking at McCord as a kind of role model. There are a number of issues I think Beckett is dealing with. One is the career-versus-family and seeing who McCord is, what she’s achieved and where she’s ended up. I think the other thing that’s very important for the Beckett character is life has always been clear to her as a cop. If you commit a murder, I come get you and you do your time. In D.C., things are much more politically murky. In D.C. people have agendas, and the people who are ultimately responsible [aren't always] going to be held accountable.

How much of a problem will that be for Beckett?
Marlowe: I think that that’s going to be a struggle for Beckett and something that McCord is going to try and help her navigate her way through. Given who Beckett is at her core, will she be able to make that adjustment? Will she be able to see the greater good or will she be focused the same way she always has?

Obviously, Castle isn’t making Beckett’s transition at work any easier. Can he just not keep himself from sticking his nose in things?
: It’s who he is and it’s his response to the fact that the relationship isn’t quite working. In Castle’s mind, the magic is when the two of them are together, when they’re batting theories back and forth. He’s a guy who’s just trying to make the magic happen again in the relationship because they haven’t been able to see each other. [He thinks,] maybe this is a way in which we can have relationship moments. Whether or not it’s appropriate I don’t think crosses his mind. He’s always gotten away with stuff his whole life. He sticks his nose in, he gets his hand slapped, but that’s not the end of it.

Well, in this case, he sticks his nose in and gets stuck with a biochemical toxin! Why did you decide to start the season with such a high-stakes two-parter?
We wanted to open with interesting, compelling storytelling that gets Castle wrapped up in a case that he can’t get out of. We didn’t feel like we could fully accomplish that in 42 minutes with the emotional pieces that were going on. It’s not our intent to keep the rest of the season serialized. It’s our intent to get back to our conventional pattern.

Assuming he doesn’t die, will that experience maybe teach Castle to tread a little more lightly?
Marlowe: I think after that experience, Castle has very little appetite to meddle in Beckett’s cases in D.C.

Is there any part of Beckett’s struggle with the new job that strengthens her relationship with Castle?
Marlowe: There are times when things are going to happen that make her question the relationship. But, yes, there are other times when things are going to happen where she’s really glad to have somebody in her corner, somebody backing her up and that strength. Kate’s never had a relationship like that. She’s getting the benefit of it.

So, when’s the wedding?
Marlowe: [Laughs] Exactly! That’s what happens in these situation. You get engaged and everybody around you — Ryan Esposito, Laney — they start asking, “When’s the wedding?” In the first handful of episodes, it’s going to be Castle and Beckett settling into the engagement, but as we get later in the year, those questions are going to start to come up — setting the date, where we’re going to do it, who we’re going to invite and all that. And in the midst of it, people are going to die and we’re going to have to investigate their murders along the way!

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